bigness in a sentence

Example sentences for bigness

But there was something about the epic canvas that these guys painted on, something about the bigness of it all.
The minute you entered a yard, the bigness of the trains translated right into your bones.
Something big will be gone, and being gone will be part of the bigness.
Again, genome-prints tell us more than the mere facts of genomic bigness.
Only after touring the installation and studying it from all angles does a realization of its bigness begin to dawn.
One is in the relationship between innovation and bigness.
There are j a few big plaids, but by a trick of weave or coloring they lose the staring boldness of bare bigness.
Its bigness charms him and makes him feel large and elated.
The bigness of these four companies illustrates the extent of their power.
Sometimes you get the idea that these programs, the engine of them is the bigness of our heart, and that is okay.

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It is the vice of a vulgar mind to be thrilled by bigness.... more
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