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The arable land is so stiff that it is necessary to go over it nine times with the biggest oxen and the strongest ploughs.
The biggest challenge for humanities scholars in the digital age isn't how to rework traditional forms of scholarship.
And in a handful of the biggest programs, athletes completed college at a rate much lower than other students.
These days the region also faces some of the biggest challenges to expanding access to higher education.
In ordinary times, any one of them would have been the biggest business story of the year.
It was later discovered to be one of the biggest and brightest known comets.
The wandering albatross is the biggest of some two dozen different species.
Ours may be a small island nation, but our waters are now the biggest place sharks are protected.
The biggest alien planet found so far is baffling scientists with properties that defy current scientific explanation.
But according to a new study, radiation from the jug wasn't the biggest problem.
From the tiniest shrimp to the biggest whale, all living things play roles in a food chain.
The biggest problem for villagers, however, is a perpetual shortage of water.
Space fans can today play a cosmic slot machine to help astronomers understand the biggest pile-ups in the universe.
The profession is heading toward its biggest crisis.
One of the biggest challenges in robotics engineering is mimicking the human sense of touch.
Professional space scientists have been rushing to catch up using the world's biggest telescopes.
But the biggest beneficiary of this research might be a much different and far larger group of people: cancer patients.
Ironically, one of the biggest challenges the industry faces is traffic congestion on and between the chips themselves.
The study suggests that the biggest gains were made in air quality.
The biggest problem was that the devices' handwriting-recognition software did not work as well as advertised.
Those are already three of the biggest headaches for system designers.
One of the biggest complaints from photographers of every hardware allegiance is the color balance of their images.
One of the biggest concentration of glaciers in the world.
One of the biggest challenges bees face is finding suitable nesting sites.
Here are some of the densest temperate rain forests in the world, with some of the biggest trees.
However, the biggest challenge was opening up the core of the house.
Corn is one of the plant kingdom's biggest successes.
In essence, landscape is the biggest artifact that any culture creates.
But the biggest surprise of all was reserved for the fourth article in the series.
One doesn't have to go abroad to participate in one of the biggest holidays in the world.
Each of the thinkers' respective countries wanted to stake a claim in what was one of the biggest advances in mathematics.
But one of the biggest discoveries in neuroscience in the past few decades is that the brain is remarkably plastic.
If the economy suffers as a result, it'll be what a soccer fan might call the biggest own goal in history.
At the beach, build the biggest sandcastle anyone's ever seen.
Let's have a try at remembering the details from some of the biggest stories of the week.
In that sense, the biggest economic effect of disasters is to redistribute resources rather than create them.
There was even a full-body pat-down, by far the biggest turn-on of the night.
Most people think the biggest threat to globalization is mounting economic nationalism and trade protectionism.
The biggest challenge in making it is finding the right ingredients, but the reward is worth the effort.
Beattie's biggest advantage, however, is that he lives in the middle of produce paradise.
The biggest loss, though, is that many of the newer books have edited out the winsome tag lines from the editors and contributors.
And speaking of bureaucracy, perhaps the biggest problem involves the laws governing the issuing of new permits.
Fresh herbs, in particular, are my biggest weakness.
The public often equates the best science with the biggest questions.
What actually happens is entirely contingent, and contingency is indeed one of the biggest factors in all history.
Being the biggest boys on the block, they got away with it.
And it is a cliche of the street that the biggest mark is another hustler.
In fact, that is the biggest problem facing the industry today, and its darkest secret.
Some of the biggest blockbusters are psychoactive drugs.
All of this points to the biggest difference between then and now.
The biggest deficiency in the euro, the absence of a common fiscal policy, is well known.
The biggest difference of all is in the depth of field.
But perhaps the biggest objection to consumer-directed health reform is that its advocates have misdiagnosed the problem.
Eight-legged molecule may be the strangest--and biggest--new quantum phenom on the block.
One of the biggest hurdles in stem cell research has been getting them.
As to the future, one of the biggest questions to be answered is whether people are biological computers.
The biggest challenge was eliminating interference between the phone and the computer, since both emit radio signals.
The biggest problem: figuring out the weights of the yo-yo and the die.
One of the biggest challenges to ramping up ethanol use is distributing it.
The biggest challenge for electric vehicles remains bringing down the size and cost of their batteries.
It's no news flash that the economy has been struggling for over a year, with the high-tech sector taking the biggest beating.
So it's easy to imagine that volatility should also be a good predictor of financial crises, when the biggest corrections occur.
Cost is the biggest problem with the wave of battery-powered vehicles that started to arrive on the market last month.
Cataracts are the single biggest cause of blindness and are responsible for almost half of all cases worldwide.
Existing research already suggests that the biggest clumps, known as inclusions, are helpful.
And that means that only the biggest and best-funded labs can afford to run them.
Within four years it became the company's biggest account.
One of the biggest problems for medics is locating a soldier's wound and determining his vital signs amidst battlefield chaos.
One of the biggest challenges in atmospheric physics is to explain how clouds form.
Perhaps e-paper's biggest appeal is that when the current switches off, the image remains fixed.
Now the biggest challenge lies in interpreting the huge volume of genetic data being generated.
The biggest fight in politics is between the norm and something else.
Time to get real: global warming is the problem-the biggest problem.
Someone once asked you what was the biggest fault you found with the new president.
As it turns out, though, his biggest problem is not the cold or lack of food.
My guess is that his single biggest reason for wanting to win was to avoid having people offer condolences for not winning.

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