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If it costs two dollars or more than two dollars, you give thirty or thirty-five cents, and ten per cent on a bigger amount.
It is a bigger job than the world cares to undertake to teach any other nation so much.
In summer the tow-path and the country attract their share of the bigger boys.
The bigger the book and the longer the name of the subject, the prouder they felt of their accomplishment.
Cherry trees bearing fruit no bigger than a small pease.
His head, crowned with white hair, as seen from behind looked bigger than a head ought to be.
It is somewhat bigger than the life, because raised high.
Looseness, why is there a shadow in a kitchen, there is a shadow in a kitchen because every little thing is bigger.
It is scarcely necessary to point out that the bigger and more ambitious the house, the more perfect its appointments must be.
Many pupils have written saying that after a few lessons they've outboxed bigger and heavier opponents.
We wanted flowers that were bigger, had more petals, or came in different colors or shapes.
But the bun is bigger, denser, swaddling the dog in a doughy embrace.
In fact, everything a roast chicken does well, it does best when bigger.
The best board jockeys in the world come for breakers bigger than your house.
City hotels have been jumping on the green thing for years, but it's bigger than that now.
If you want something even bigger or a different shape, the company will also do custom orders.
They want to upgrade to a more-prestigious university, a bigger salary, and better facilities.
Venture capital was minuscule, and the regional airport wasn't much bigger.
The charitable deduction applies only to donors who itemize and gives bigger savings to those in higher tax brackets.
The story of student migration is bigger than budget cuts and tuition dollars.
But, obviously, there are related and even bigger cultural issues that must concern us over the next decade.
As a result, my students ended up writing for a much bigger audience.
Any information from any one place should be evaluated in a bigger picture and with more information and multiple sources.
And chances are someone who pays attention to the small details also pays attention to the bigger issues.
Early mammals were not only bigger than previously thought-some were carnivores and hunted small dinosaurs for dinner.
When it comes to mating, pipefish males are always waiting for something better-and bigger-to come along, a new study shows.
One of her humanlike knees was complete with a kneecap no bigger than a dried pea.
Then, as they kept explaining what was happening it got bigger and bigger.
If flattened out, a cubic inch would yield a surface area bigger than a football field.
The state is becoming bigger, thanks in large part to the emergency measures taken to avert economic collapse.
They typically work together, and sometimes forget later who painted what on the bigger works.
If they do not, the result may be one of the world's bigger financial headaches.
The cost of debt falls too, since creditors have a bigger buffer beneath them.
And some small-reactor designs have an important advantage over bigger reactors.
Southwest is considering adding bigger jets to its fleet.
Southwest is a step closer to adding bigger aircraft to its fleet.
US buyers have a long history of preferring bigger vehicles, but lately they've begun to crave the fuel economy of smaller cars.
And technological innovations are making ever-bigger ships, loaded with more choices, possible.
His operation can't get much bigger and still maintain its environmental and ethical integrity.
It can be difficult to recall the mindset of our younger selves when dinosaurs seemed bigger, toothier and more monstrous.
Divers on the expedition first spotted a large anchor, the first clue that there might be some bigger find on the seafloor.
Because rattlesnakes can sense infrared radiation, a hot tail makes the ground squirrel look even bigger.
The older photos showed huge fish, much bigger than the people who had caught them.
Muddy water rippled, and a bubble bigger than a coffee table rose to the surface.
They each grabbed the bread with both hands, and at the signal vied to break off the bigger piece.
But some flying squirrels are no bigger than your hand.
Cities will get bigger, of course, and suburbs will grow but will need to become more environmentally sustainable.
But because the local economy was in the doldrums, there was little incentive to knock down motels and put up something bigger.
We all know that eukaryotes are bigger than prokaryotes.
Bigger than coyotes but smaller than wolves, their howl is high-pitched and their diet includes deer and small rodents.
When faced with a bigger plate, people are inclined to heap on-and consume-more food.
When dishes were the same color as the food served, people took bigger portions.
The working parts of these machines would be built around gears no bigger than a protein molecule.
They will refreeze to a bigger existing ice crystal that hadn't melted already.
In one year, a dune can move tens of meters, with smaller dunes moving more quickly than bigger ones do.
Each new generation of astronomers discovers that the universe is much bigger than their predecessors imagined.
Here, the sky really is bigger, the horizon endless.
But when it comes to smartphones, it seems bigger is better.
Lucky for you manufacturers seem to be cranking out bigger and bigger screens every year.
The bigger the screen of a device, the bigger the solar panel.
They get bigger and louder when they start stopping.
The situation gets worse as the song gets bigger and better.
It turns out that research and development doesn't scale-that bigger may be worse.
For someone in her business, there could hardly be a bigger stage on which to display these than an entire network.
And these were mini-pizzas, not much bigger than pancakes.
The narrator tells him they don't name their pumpkins, and tells him to choose a bigger one.
Bigheads, which can grow to a hundred pounds, are bigger than silvers.
But probably the bigger reason is that he is an intense workaholic, and resents anything that takes him away from his work.
Only he was much, much bigger than he was in my dream.
The bigger problem is that he was given the authority to do that.
Something older and bigger than all of these things is at work.
Nowhere has the greening message had a bigger impact than in the building industry.
And when you're a small economy, growing is about selling to somebody bigger.
Moreover, a bigger playoff pool increases the odds of fluky results.
It's even harder to argue that bigger voucher programs could make things worse.
We're not so much restructuring the health system as making one of its sectors much bigger.
But these so-called sin taxes should play a bigger role in our tax code, as well.
But when it the economists took into account firm age, they quickly found that age is a bigger driver than size.
The bigger the fossilized feces the more ancient rain.
The planetesimals, of course, grew from similar collisions--bigger rocks from smaller rocks all the way back to primordial grit.
Perhaps some day another animal will evolve a new strategy that will let it get even bigger than a blue whale.
The thing is, the way the light dipped indicated the planet was bigger than models indicated it should be.
If you want bigger eggs, you keep selecting the hens that are laying the biggest eggs, and you get bigger and bigger eggs.
The bigger the baseline, or distance between telescopes, the higher the resolution.
With more time available to eat, they become bigger and so do their populations.
Bigger grains are less affected, so they tend to stay in place.
The planet will also grow steadily bigger and brighter as it migrates to more convenient viewing hours.
The bigger the bet, the more stockholders stand to gain if the coin comes up heads.
The real solution to the problem of balancing piano and orchestra was to build bigger and louder pianos.
His right nostril appeared bigger and blacker than the left, an old wound.
They say the bigger boats cut their nets and boxed out their skiffs.
There were arguably even bigger miscalculations than that.
Nor is the solution to be found in a bigger warhead to compensate for inaccuracy.
The crowd was bigger now, about eight hundred people.
It does not wait to examine a bigger sample of less cogent memories.
The equipment for manufacturing thin-film solar cells operates more efficiently when the panels are bigger.
Instead, the company is trying again, on a much bigger scale.
But experts say that smart-phone owners are unknowingly taking a much bigger risk with information about where they go all day.
It's bigger than a pencil, to be sure, but the researchers are confident they will be able to shrink it down.
With an initial lower cost for led lights, it means the long term savings will be even bigger.
We forget to look for the bigger underlying idea that will become apparent as the problems get solved.
They want a unit no bigger than two cubic feet and quieter than a generator, he says.
So ice preferentially forms over the convex areas, making them bigger.
Smaller circuits would have leaked more current, necessitating a bigger battery and making the whole package larger.
The games are stimulating and creative puzzles solutions to which bring bigger rewards.
Also, since human tumors would need bigger electrodes, the lab has scaled up the implant and is testing it in dogs.
Due to focal length or size of sensor limitations, the camera back must be bigger.
Better yet, augment this brain with the much bigger brain possible in the space vehicle with which it can communicate wirelessly.
They seem to freeze a moment while implying a much bigger story.
As the local and national press began to take notice, however, the sparse crowds grew bigger.
However, every casual student of the medium knows you could make no bigger mistake.
Some say they fight each other, but the commanders of both armies say they're fighting a much bigger war altogether.
He's gotten the better of me in the bigger venues so far.
There will be a bigger world in the second and the third film.
But, of course, not only the demands but the rewards-in terms of both prestige and money-are bigger.
But after a while, they were ready to take on bigger targets.
Well, the bigger you get then it's time to tear you down.
Binge drinking is bigger problem than previously thought.
Taxpayers who take energy saving steps may get a bigger tax savings.
Today, however, biologists can feast on a far bigger banquet of data.
Those heavier children are then more likely to become overweight adults and in turn give birth to bigger babies.

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