biennial in a sentence

Example sentences for biennial

No other team has won the biennial tournament three consecutive times.
Apparently, most varieties are perennial, but there are a few that are annual or even biennial.
The Americans have won seven consecutive matches in the biennial competition.
The biennial beet is often used in crop rotation.
Culture vultures descend on Venice for the city's biennial art fair.
The huge, biennial event dates back to 1924, when radio was introduced to German retailers as a hot new thing.
Since its inception the Academy, a notably conservative body, has maintained biennial.
Wordy types enjoy a night on the tiles at the biennial Scrabble world championship.
There's a biennial conference that I usually try to go to.
The biennial competition ends Sunday with 12 singles matches.
The biennial report also compares survey data with other data sources.
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