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Governments remain far too keen to do businessmen's bidding even when no money is offered.
Only when those pieces were opened up to bidding at a public auction could you find out what their values were.
Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.
After a set term the lease is again open to bidding, in case someone else thinks they can find something.
The trading corporation then relentlessly bought shares in itself, bidding the price up further and further.
Its owner, a local doctor, was carefully managing the access to his fossil to fuel a bidding war for his entire fossil collection.
Bidding a wedding, widening received treading, little leading mention nothing.
The people in the crowd below instantly begin bidding.
Some penny-auction aficionados firmly believe that many auction sites use bidding bots to jack up the prices.
To feel it's there in your hands, to release this energy that fuels the stars, to let it do your bidding.
Throughout the evening, such low-ball prices continued to win the bidding.
The bidding yesterday lasted less than four minutes.
The wave of enthusiastic bidding had paved the way for it.
Bidding will involve big spenders willing to reconcile risk and ignore red flags.
Bidding wars for talent have become rare, partly because there are fewer record companies.
It's bidding on the basis of relative certainty to break the initial disagreement.
State outlets routinely do the government's bidding.
It doesn't take anything special to make the screen do your eyes' bidding, except for a brief calibration at the outset.
We're seeing bidding wars at the lower end of the market.
Today there's a whole bidding process that's required for such artwork.
Bidders may decline to do so, withdraw their bid, and excuse themselves from the bidding process without penalty.

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