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Another one is the track of a bicycle pedal, when the bicycle is traveling at right angles to your line of sight.
Some find it quicker to ride a bicycle and weave through the cars than to take the bus or drive a private vehicle.
Many bicycle deaths result from bicycle-motor vehicle collisions.
The bicycle has the right of way when the motor vehicle is making a turn, and you must yield to bicycle.
IN winter, many people prefer a stationary cycle to an outdoors bicycle.
For a city to improve bicycle safety, the prescription actually is to put even more riders on the streets.
One gallery suggests guests arrive at the opening on their bicycle of choice.
Invest in a good bicycle and use it as much as possible.
The bicycle part is pretty standard, if outlandishly styled.
After a summer of their dreams, bicycle store owners are facing a grim reality this winter.
Moreover, making an electric bicycle uses far less energy than making an electric car.
The bicycle is the primary form of mechanized transportation in many parts of the world.
Nothing beats the humble bicycle in energy efficiency.
We were herded into an abandoned bicycle factory, and attached was a time bomb.
The perfect bicycle wheel needs to accomplish three things.
Someone once asked him what pleasure he received from riding his bicycle for such long periods of time.
They cannot ride the subway to work, or haul their hogs by bicycle.
The only way to travel greener might be to bicycle or walk-but the trip is long enough as it is.
Or, if you'd prefer, you can rent a bicycle or even a motor scooter.
Yes, this is another concept bicycle project, but this time there's a difference.
The other has the house key and office keys, and bicycle lock key.
The bicycle example you gave is totally inappropriate for this discussion.
The only was to get there was to walk or ride one's bicycle.
The problem is compounded for those who don heels, braving a bicycle route fashionably rather than comfortably.
So, you've decided to jump on the fixed gear bicycle trend.
Traveling with a bicycle is always a scary proposition.
It also makes it easy to shoot with one hand while hanging on to your bicycle or camel with the other.
Buying an ox or a bicycle can change part of the world.
At first rubber was needed for bicycle tires and seals for engines and then for automobiles.
Actually, the fastest mode of transportation within the city is the bicycle.
When the price of petrol soared this year, he grafted a chainsaw engine onto a bicycle to make a moped.
The number of people getting around by bicycle is growing steadily.
It is easy to forge your own way through this park, by car or bicycle.
The hybrid driver is far better than a bicycle rider.
They already add their strength and toughness to several products on the market, including many bicycle frames.
That's why polystyrene is ideal for use in bicycle helmets and other protective gear.
As with swimming or riding a bicycle, you don t really forget but it may take a while to get back in shape.
The roads are better kept, public transport is relatively excellent and everything can be reached by walkways and bicycle paths.
Oh right, school administrators don't provide anywhere to secure a bicycle, only parking lots for automobiles.
For example: driving a car, riding a bicycle, playing football or almost any other sport.
Buying a motorbike will stimulate the economy, as will buying an electric bicycle.
The intervention of humans into this situation is about as needed as a guppy needing a bicycle.
It can be destroyed, melted in and recycled into another bicycle, but this will be done on the foundation of the implicate order.
Once, she bought a stationary bicycle for her apartment.
He began his career selling homemade yogurt from the back of a bicycle and went on to build a dairy empire.
These interventions range from scenic viewing platforms and bicycle storage shelters to rest stations and hiking paths.
His materials included a bicycle chain and pipes from a hot-water heater.
Footpaths and bicycle trails wind through the community.
Put him on a bicycle driving a high efficiency electric generator.
The answer can be found in the old bicycle pump experiment.
At the same time, the use of the bicycle improves the health of the individual and reduces healthcare costs.
The best way to see my city is on a bicycle or walking.
We should be creating a safe bicycle network that makes cycling a viable option.
In the mornings, he would bicycle to the public library to study for the university entrance exam.
New medical treatments and safety equipment such as bicycle helmets are tested on various body parts.
Science and sport create what may be the world's fastest bicycle.
Bicycle-scooter hybrids are low-tech, high-intensity.
It is as if car companies still had to compete with bicycle manufacturers.
But that same year, he had a nasty bicycle accident.
The local government has laid down spacious avenues with bicycle lanes.
Bicycle safety and education is intended to encourage proper cycling behavior.
Bicycle riding is a healthy and fun way for children to explore their community and the world around them.
There is currently no charge for using bicycle racks.
All bicycles must be secured to bicycle racks at all times when left unattended.
Persons leaving property at bicycle racks do so at their own risk.
Information on bicycle projects, plans, advisories and studies.

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