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Example sentences for bewildering

Either way, the retirement choices you face need not be bewildering.
Mainstream parties once changed names, merged and split with bewildering speed.
Its structure is unique, complex, and at times bewildering.
Pop psych lore is a bewildering mix of fact and fallacy.
But as one success follows another, the company finds itself in a bewildering position.
It pays well but avoids bewildering distortions of income.
Astronomers are on the verge of explaining the bewildering variety of galaxies.
The subtle coloring of the building and the bewildering blue of the water.
The commercial genetic testing industry is a bewildering place.
Keeping up with appearances at school these days is a bit bewildering.
Granted, one reason this is quick and easy is that some of the choices are so bewildering you can skip them.
The bewildering array of regional security talking-shops has so far failed to still such worries.
All of them are mesmerized by this bewildering signal-now mostly buzzing, once again.
But a bewildering variety of apps now exist to satisfy this need.
They built empires while keeping tight personal control, often using bewildering interlinked corporate structures.
Food menus inside the tents are a much more bewildering affair.
There is a bewildering array of wonderful things to see and do.
Those were actually bearable after navigating the bewildering menus.
Organised retailers have to cope with a tax system of bewildering complexity and cascading cost.
One result was that subscribers abruptly faced an abundance of bewildering and potentially expensive choices.
She now faces the difficult and bewildering task of reconciling the life she has lived with the world her parents hid from her.
So far this amounts to little more than a bewildering plethora of talking shops.
The competing claims in this marketplace have always been bewildering.
With the vast array of choices out there, picking the right kind of mortgage can be a bewildering experience.
Others are intimidated by the bewildering array of bets and payouts.
With the new investors has come a bewildering variety of loans.
The writers of a new cookbook discuss the scientific hows and whys of cooking without becoming pedantic or bewildering.
Shoppers often find food stores chaotic and bewildering.
Although it has a certain fund of originality, it is spasmodically illogical and bewildering.
There is a bewildering variety of types of composition.
But when things become psychologically too bewildering or frustrating for him, he may revert to spontaneous play.
The killer opened the window with bewildering ease and slipped quietly into the room.
All together, a bewildering variety of universes, each with its own laws of physics.
Astronomical objects have a bewildering array of names.
Then suddenly a bunch of other folks called you out and provided evidence similar to mine from a bewildering number of sources.
On the field the finances become, if anything, more bewildering.
The amount of bad news over the past weeks has been bewildering for many people in the world.
For scientists, however, the possibilities are both awe-inspiring and bewildering.
Many consumers are now looking for a guide through a bewildering array of choices.
But now they come in a bewildering range of strange shapes and sizes.
Add to this the bewildering complexity of an array of different benefits, and you get a welfare system that is not working.
There have been streaks of breathtaking creativity followed by spells of bewildering frustration.
Many were foraminifera, minuscule sea creatures with a bewildering array of shells.
They are barren and still mysterious, rootless and bewildering, but there they are.
They were deployed in a bewildering variety of designs.
Now the crossword comes in a welter of bewildering guises.
Federal position descriptions may seem bewildering if you aren't used to reading vacancy announcements.
The world of educational technologies can present a bewildering array of new words and concepts.
When storms damage trees, cleanup and recovery can be bewildering.

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