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Example sentences for bewildered

It is hardly surprising that the wider public often confused and bewildered.
My roommate had a look of bewildered amusement at the things I was saying.
She sounded bewildered, and wistful for the time before she'd heard what I had to say.
She might have been a bit bewildered by the judging.
You don't want them standing around looking bewildered when customers ask for something.
I'm sure he's just as bewildered by this as the rest of us.
At last he lifted his bewildered eyes.
On first attempting to play a neighbour's low-pitch piano, I was bewildered by the sounds the notes produced.
She looked at him bewildered.
Most fans heading into the game seemed bewildered by the protest.
Let me not be bewildered while I judge.
She pushed him off, ran to the washroom, and returned to find him standing there bewildered.
They looked off in different directions, both appearing anxious and bewildered.
He certainly has never worked in the area, therefore he's bewildered and scared by it.
They also chucked in a few stink bombs, and scattered leaflets among the bewildered crowd.
Indeed, some are bewildered that so many have got him so wrong for so long.
Bewildered editors and television anchors scrambled to decipher what, if anything, had been decided.
The criticism is so strong that many are bewildered by the government's inaction.
One will end up more bewildered after all that questioning of what is language, grammar, and all that.
My friends, many of whom were married or in marriage-track relationships, were bewildered.
Bewildered newspaper editors cheerfully printed his grandiose contributions.
Jagged reefs greeted the bewildered skippers instead.
They were bewildered by the political rancor and incapable of adapting to the divisive politics of the decade.
The poor students-mostly freshmen-were visibly bewildered.
We give awkwardly, thrusting our favorite poetry upon bewildered parents.
Repeated attempts at their solution without the aid of government had left us baffled and bewildered.
The way not to enter a drawing-room is to dart forward and then stand awkwardly bewildered and looking about in every direction.
The policeman was bewildered, and stared at him open-eyed.
So he went wandering about the city, and was bewildered at the case and knew not what had happened to him.
Holden is bewildered, lonely, ludicrous and pitiful.
Pia sings her farewell number as a bewildered group of safe contestants watch awkwardly.
Health-minded shoppers wandering through supermarkets these days are understandably bewildered about what to buy.
As people watched these events unfold on television, they were frightened and bewildered.
If you've been shopping for ham recently, you may have found yourself bewildered by the many choices available.
His bravura brushwork and innovative focus on light and color both dazzled and bewildered his contemporaries.

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