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Example sentences for bewilder

Together they manage to excite and bewilder practically all concerned.
Academic homonyms bewilder prospective students and bookies alike.
Still, there will be plenty of others with the skills to bewilder and beguile.
The many facets of characterization and the varied steps required to express them could bewilder dancers.
Icons of flame and rubble made no sense to me, and there was enough smoke in the air to bewilder anyone.
Whatever the intention, the campaign's conclusion seemed to bewilder politicians as much as its beginning.
At its highest level, wine can bewitch and bewilder, transfix and inspire.
Stimulate and bewilder us, frustrate and entertain us.
Unavoidably, some of the information may conflict with others and bewilder the public.
They affect to appeal wholly to reason, and bewilder themselves in the miserable snare of materialism.
The rash of regulations affecting packagers and packages continues at a sometimes bewilder- ing pace.
His sporadic mind and style bewilder and weary the reader who has not agile faculties and wealthy.

Famous quotes containing the word bewilder

He was thoughtful and graveā€”but the orders he gave Were enough to bewilder a crew. When he cried "Steer t... more
Nobody who has any kind of creative imagination can possibly be anything but disappointed with real life.... Of course, ... more
Life has a tendency to obfuscate and bewilder, Such as fating us to spend the first part of our lives being... more
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