beveled in a sentence

Example sentences for beveled

The double-cutaway, beveled-edge body allows comfortable access to the upper frets.
BlackBerries solve the problem by being physical keyboards and having beveled edges on the keys.
The map is mounted on wood material with beveled edges and a keyhole hanging slot on the back.
Each house is covered with beveled cedar wood lap siding that splits for no reason.
Slide into a dark-wood booth below gilded baroque ceilings, patches of beveled mirror, and exquisite small oil paintings.
The upstairs bathrooms also all have the original crystal and pewter towel racks, sinks, sconces and beveled mirrored cabinets.
Bathrooms got pedestal sinks, beveled mirrors, and hair dryers.
Old church pews, beveled mirrors, and marble-top tables are some of the idiosyncratic charms of this casual eatery.
Both blades pointed or the blade with the thumb ring shall be pointed and the other one beveled.
The container needs to have beveled fork straps, positive interlock stacking, smooth reinforced corners and easy forklift entry.
Skid blocks shall have rounded or beveled ends and shall be notched as shown on the plans.
In this incident the flat faced grounding clamp was attached to a beveled surface which allowed it to become easily disconnected.
The building is an attractive wood-framed, beveled-siding building with a mansard roof.
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