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Consumers are witnessing the beginning of a new war between computer companies.
Yet the city is now hosting a splendid exhibition that reaffirms the important link between the two.
There also was an agreement between the two countries for six additional large dams in the region.
Distinguishing between science and pseudoscience is problematic.
They have found that the mice interbreed with mice from other habitats and migrate between rock types.
To soften a path's look, plant low groundcovers between pavers.
The students were then allowed to choose between two different subsequent tests.
The relationship between wealth, happiness and inequality.
Hot action between the sheets has given many human lives their start.
But the relationship between humans and cave bears has been mysterious.
Between the crowds and the noise and the pressure, city life often seems to set one's brain on edge.
The links between inequality and the ills attributed to it are often weak.
Scientists have long suspected a relationship between tides and earthquakes but have reached little consensus.
Between the consignment malls packed with antiques and vintage goods are updated restaurants and home decor boutiques.
One thing that our computers are still comically bad at is sharing large files between each other.
The period between the two world wars was a time of anxiety and foreboding.
Students will research, discuss, and write reports on the relationship between climate and agriculture.
It suggests that the languages are related in ways that are consistent with geographic relationships between them.
He opened up the wall between the two spaces and installed curtains as dividers to screen the kitchen when necessary.
So cortisol may be a direct link between inequality and bad health.
Until now only relatively small amounts of genetic difference between people had been identified.
The difference between the sun's summer and winter tracks is sharp.
The relationship between reporters and think tanks used to be, well, pretty simple.
Green homes start with a sealed envelope: places where air can flow between the interior and exterior are carefully blocked.
Ask students whether there is a relationship between population density and areas of increased risk for volcanoes and earthquakes.
Measured a different way, the correlation between money and happiness is surprisingly strong.
The following lesson helps students identify and describe differences between two related ecosystems.
Tiny succulent rosettes peek out from openings between the slats.
Nibble on the refreshing watermelon ice cubes in between sips of this tart drink.
Each element helps draw the seasoned liquid into the spaces between meat fibers.
Yellow-flowered moneywort grows between the flagstone.
In a gardener's life there is planting, harvest, and lots of weeding in between.
It is also notable for the harmonious relationship between the open and built spaces, the simplicity of its design, and its size.
It establishes a new relationship between the body politic and the public.
He acts as a liaison between landowners and the tribe, but asks me not to publish his name.
The distinction between evil and wickedness is one of kind, not degree.
Best known through its selections, which are typically lower than the species and bloom between summer and fall.
No one in my uni has distinguished between blind or not-blind review.
Place a desk or low bookshelf between the two groups to form a physical barrier.
Clearly, the relationship between food preferences, mood and the menstrual cycle is complex.
After all, it is a barrier between house and street.
Adding music in this context may cross the thin line between a killing machine and a dancing machine.
It blurs the distinction between fish and land-living animals.
Consider the comparison between a loaf of good whole grain bread, and cheap white bread.
Small, closely set leaves and tolerance for an occasional footstep make them choice selections for use between steppingstones.
Spin in a salad spinner or dry carefully between towels, or else you'll have a bowl of sogginess.
The ability to distinguish between two different languages is not unique to humans.
Scientists have spotted the wreckage from a spectacular collision between two planets deep in space.
Fences are fine between neighboring properties, as far as they go.
Perhaps, but it would be a mistake to consider the relationship between pronghorns and their predators as only a matter of speed.
Public anger is clearly fuelled by economic troubles, but the link between economic conditions and unrest is complex.
As life gets harder in vulnerable places, people will need to migrate both between and within countries.
It also creates the maximum possible difference in the distance between each of the elephant's ears and the source.
Uncovering another link between chimpanzees and humans, a new study found chimps gesture mainly with their right hands.
Relationships between faculty unions and college presidents can be tense.
In the age-old cultural ebb and flow between city and country, the city has made a remarkable turnaround.
The bestselling writer is notorious for blurring the boundary between fact and fiction, and his latest book is no exception.
She began moving a ball of dough back and forth between her hands, until she'd formed a large pancake.
Cheating in sports might be as old as the race between the tortoise and the hare.
Used between independent clauses, it indicates only that a relation exists between them without defining that relation.
Plane through joint between body and xiphoid process of sternum.
But, as the photos below show, there wasn't much space between their house and the street.
But first make note of the difference between the two, both of which have flat, jointed branches.
The village itself sits deep in a knoll between wooded slopes.
The transition between stone path and tea house deck is over basalt steps that cross a koi-filled pond.
Water and fertilizer needs differ between the two groups, and susceptibility to some pests and diseases varies as well.
Before this deck went in, this area between the main house and garage was a repository for old appliances and other discards.
The fruit rises to the top, leaving a soft layer whose texture falls somewhere between custard and cake.
The planting medium is housed between two layers of gravel cloth held in place by the mesh grids.
Conversation between two robots drifts into flirtation and philosophy.
There's a big difference between people from forests and those from arid lands.
Thanks to our sweat, anxiety-and maybe also other emotions-can be chemically transferred between people.
People and animals learn best when given breaks between tasks.
Marriage between cousins were presumably more common.
Imagine a sweet cream cheese filling sandwiched between two fluffy cakes.
Eating meat or cheese between layers of bread is practically an innate human behavior.
Dream up a cross between cornpone and blini and you've got a close approximation.
Rinse collard greens and pat dry between paper towels.
Rinse squid under cold running water, then pat dry between paper towels.
Gently toss and rub the couscous between your palms to moisten it evenly.
Arrange rind slices on their sides on foil-lined baking sheets, leaving space between them to add sorbet later, and cover tightly.
Relationships between farmers and processors are often personal and longstanding.
Using a long slicing knife, make a cut deep enough to grip along length of short side between rind and fat.
Then there's supper at nine and later, somewhere between eleven and midnight, a coffee or a grappa with friends.
But the real link between college costs and aid is complicated.
Computers threaten to widen the gap between the rich and poor.
The researchers also need to find a way to get better bonding between the aluminum oxide and the polymer.
The more total energy a battery can store, the longer it can power a car or a phone between charges.
The disks are carefully spaced to allow steam to flow between them.
Time cloaking is possible because of a kind of duality between space and time in electromagnetic theory.
It lies in erecting a more effective barrier between the economy and politics, between capitalism and democracy.
Nor is it because the skeptical generations now between thirty and fifty have largely avoided him.

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