betterment in a sentence

Example sentences for betterment

He is not out only for himself but for others as well as the betterment of his university.
But business education is fundamentally about personal betterment.
She was a tireless fighter for civic betterment in many areas of her beloved city's life.
Island people are taking back control of their oceans for the betterment of all.
There were other players who gave interviews to be entertaining without thinking about the betterment of the team.
It is two opposite turning gears doing work for the betterment of the people.
Contrary to economic lore, soccer success does not translate into national economic betterment.
And they've said that this new and vast potential of atomic energy must be put to the betterment of life for all peoples.
Let all patriots unite and work for the betterment of all.
Highly skilled immigrants should be welcomed more for the betterment of the society, economy and the country.

Famous quotes containing the word betterment

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