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And six months later, three-quarters of those tested had maintained or improved their better sleep patterns.
The health-care industry is using games to encourage better choices.
To do that requires more than simply larger sample sizes or improved genomic techniques, it also requires better measurement.
Give them a better life.
There is always hope that things will get better.
It gets better, or so they say.
Love sought is good, but giv'n unsought is better.
But you better believe he's trying.
There's never been a better time to broaden your wild horizons.
Grow it: It'll take over any support it's offered, so give it a fence or better yet, an arbor.
Sure, it's better known for manicured fairways and sybaritic spas.
The closer you can get the board cover to the exact size of your door, the better.
Makes you feel even better about eating their whole grains.
Besides flavor, pasture-raised eggs seem to be better for you too.
Here's an instance where storebought is better than homemade.
Plastic siphoning, again combined with the funnel, works even better than a baster.
With a subject that is moving, your camera's motor drive gives you better odds of capturing a sharp shot.
Some say that the hammer-shaped head helps the sharks swim better.
With local tags, you'll avoid a lot of red tape, and you'll stand a better chance of finding parts.
Planting more cooperative siblings together instead of strangers could theoretically mean better harvests.
Some species can tolerate acidic waters better than others.
In the details of divergence, they have sometimes had the better of us.
Americans deserve better, and in this city today, there are people who want to do better.
Never think, because you can not easily write a letter, that it is better not to write at all.
But the recession is bringing about changes, some of which may be for the better.
It is better labeled a bubble in government spending.
The demand for better economists hasn't changed another.
The first is that this could mark the beginning of a better multilateral economic system.
And as for the others, voters might well think that a mediocre job is better than grinding unemployment, as seen elsewhere.
Governments should help guide them towards better eating habits.
In fact, he thinks, having a crowd around often makes things better.
And the longer they work, the better the company does.
She feels that the tool thus allows her to teach better and go deeper.
At some point, you may ask yourself whether there's a better way.
So with postseason pay, it's better to play baseball.
After increasing sleep, the athletes performed better on all the drills.
While jet lag bothers them more than it used to, they said, they feel as if their skating is better than ever.
And markets are a better mechanism for change than command and control.
Such are the brute facts of biology, which can only evolve because some living things are better at reproducing than others.
Instead of hanging around the office whining, you walk out the door and find something better and cooler to do.
We talked about some things mechanically he needs to do better.
All in all it's a better solution, even if gasoline is the originator of the energy.
They are going up anyway, better have our gov get it and return it as a tax cut and help converting to a more eff life.
People in a bad mood have better judgment and pay more attention to details.
Strong organic proponents also argue that organic food tastes better.
Or maybe you also had a nagging suspicion that, in fact, boys are better at math.
Because rats can be trained to spot tuberculosis-and to do it better than conventional techniques.
Scientists may not be able to build a better mouse trap, but they have learned how to build a better mouse.
He sees how the world can be made better with the strategic and daring use of time, talent and resources.
Set the scene and let us feel whatever it was that still lingers in your memory, for better or worse.
The people who do better and better work are people who are never satisfied.
City life is no better, and can in fact prove far more vicious.
The cowboy represents that better than any other figure.
She did better than all the guys around her could have ever dreamed.
And journalists are better witnesses than politician-participants grinding their ever-present axes.
It warms my heart to know that my people are making a step forward to better the life of our tribal members.
In other words, that's why it tastes so much better when you actually take a bunch of fresh oranges and squeeze them yourself.
Citizens need scientific knowledge to make better decisions in their lives.
The better prepared that committee members are, the more likely they are to work efficiently.
Many academics have told me that they suspect they are bad writers but don't know how to get better.
Some would be better off doing other things with their lives.
But you can be ready to lobby the administration if better parking opens up.
Provide better training and resources to admissions staff.
Better yet, ask the rock stars to help you by talking about their fund-raising successes with their peers.
Everyone on a team knows who he is better than and who is better than him, and he acts his part.
If they seem inadequate, you are in a better position than you may ever be again to negotiate for those resources.
They are single parents trying to better themselves to provide better lives for their kids.
Timely rejection is always better than no rejection.
Meanwhile, corporations are urged to better communicate what skills are needed for the jobs of the future, among other things.
The upshot is that our department is better than our website suggests.
The sciences seem to have done a better job of internationalizing than many sections of the humanities.
It turns out what makes a pig happy will make it taste that much better.
And feeling connected can make you feel better and add years to your life.
And the data shows that the first executives really do make better chief execs.
Looking at a wider array of measures about the quality of life may better explain that uneasiness.
Again and again, carefully controlled studies have shown alternative medicine to work no better than a placebo.
Manufacturers are more innovative and pay better wages than other businesses.
The increased use of early decision shows the strong drive for colleges to make themselves look better statistically.
Delivered from presliced, doughy white, they believe that making better bread makes a better world.
How to get better service, how to get better food, how to be happy.
And when the skills you've picked up translate into a more wholesome diet and routine back home-so much the better.
You'll get an earful from the lively counter help about how lobster meat deserves better than a hot dog bun.
Retsina might be better understood if it were thought of as an aromatized wine, scented with pine.
The new dye absorbs light far better than the conventional dye.
The idea behind the app is to give you data that will help you get a better night's sleep.
Anyone who's ridden in a taxi knows that cab drivers know their way around a city better than the average driver.
The new electrode conducts electricity better than the silver lines, resulting in less power loss.
Researchers consider plug-in hybrids charged by stationary solar arrays a better bet.
Handy to know because when it comes to making photovoltaics better, every little helps.
Something less offensive, for example literally anything, would have played better with the coveted not-racist demographic.
There is no better way to give a gift that will last forever, for the link between scent and memory is everlasting.
Narrators are all well and good, but there's nothing better than getting the story straight from the mouths of those who lived it.
All of us in the profession-the war profession, for lack of a better name-know about that town.
Having that allows you to do things that make the scene much better.
They feel better, they're happier, they're more productive.
Then he makes them apologize and ask for help in getting better.
They think about how to create the local structures and incentives to make better, safer, more appropriate care possible.
The agricultural system was fragmented and disorganized, and ignored evidence showing how things could be done better.
Online dating sites, whatever their more mercenary motives, draw on the premise that there has got to be a better way.
It's one of those things that if he's floating that balloon it better fly.
When it says that it likes one car better than another, consumers and carmakers take notice.
What did surprise him was the fact that antidepressants were only marginally better than placebos.
As any poet can tell you, one often sees better with eyes closed than with eyes wide open.
Recycling plastic is tricky business, and many plastics are better off as garbage.
Harder, stronger, and better-the material of the future.
Better nav systems could get us to our destinations faster, and make our roads a smarter system.
Even in infancy, boys do a little better at visual mental rotation.
Private companies, the panel's reasoning goes, would be better at reining in costs and keeping their eye on the ball.
As children grow up, they get better and better at combining sights and sounds.
Despite gaining some temporary benefits, communities that clear-cut their forests end up no better off than those who do not.
The volunteers who had their lucky charms did much better than those who were bereft of theirs.
Neither group actually scored better or worse than the other.
Percentage of patients who get better at getting dressed.
Adoption of better management practices is an emerging trend among the water utility industry.
Children of color and their families need better access to culturally proficient, community-based supports and services.

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