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Example sentences for bet

If you knew game theory you would understand the point of the bet.
My bet is people are busy enough that they don't have the time to think of e-mailing in this situation.
It's a safe bet that global warming is causing more heat waves, climate experts say.
We think they are a safe bet to sweeten your tailgate.
It's probably a safe bet that right this second, millions of people are playing games, in one form or another.
He offered to bet that the prices of raw materials would actually fall.
Their agreement doesn't guarantee certainty, only a good bet.
It's this enduring appeal coupled with a limited housing supply that make for about as safe a second-home bet as you'll find.
Suppose you could discern market trends, speed up time to see where those trends were going, then bet on what you discovered.
It is safe to bet that a flying motorcycle will never be a practical transportation option.
Bet this really increased the value of the house, too, especially now that you can see it from the street.
So it's probably a safe bet that it's not going to be a golf sim.
After that opener, you can bet would-be hecklers kept their pie-holes shut.
Buying a house on a high multiple of your income is a bet that your income is likely to rise quickly.
For power grids, sodium-sulfur technology is the best bet.
Bet hugging your horse is more soothing than hugging my fish.
For many people, it is the biggest financial bet they will ever make.
For many species, including this blenny, invisibility is the best bet for survival.
Click through our reader submissions to see your best bet for survival.
If you want to stay in academia, special collections librarianship might be a better bet.
Until there's proof, flowers and chocolate are probably a safer bet.
But it sure is your best bet against a pressurized explosion.
Your best bet is to explore the park by organized tour.
GM has bet the farm on this car, which has been hyped and hated in equal measure.
In my experience, you can bet that while faculty may not get raises in bad budget times, administrators always get theirs.
As a result, almost every trade by a studio would be an insider bet.
Cold-fusion powered anything would be the better bet.
One solution would be a large one-off appreciation of the yuan so that investors no longer see it as a one-way bet.
Your best bet if bitten in the field is to get to a hospital.
The best bet is purchasing a santo made by a living santero, usually a great value considering their heritage and uniqueness.
Recycled sets can fare better but that's not a sure bet.
When two teams are closely matched, always bet on red.
The confrontations that left these wounds could have happened anytime, but during the mating season is the likeliest bet.
The idea that a building's walls will stand up seems as safe a bet as gravity's pull or the sun's rising.
If they're not, you can bet something was cut-and-pasted.
But it's a good bet that there's nothing as popular while at the same time as utterly shocking to outsiders.
If there were seven, then you can bet there might be more you have yet to discover.
In each case, one of the options would be a fifty-fifty bet and the other would be a sure thing.
We've been told that it is close to a sure bet to shut this thing down.
My bet is that these folks will only be remembered for having been there, taken a stand.
When the bet went wrong with the bursting of the dotcom bubble, funds went into deficit.
The carry trade is essentially a bet on lower volatility.
Those who try to bet on falling prices find their activities are restricted.
But in good times sons were a better bet because they could father more children.
But this encouraged investors to bet on future appreciation, exacerbating capital inflows.
Given the economy's strength, few would bet against his winning again.
As they look to renewables, it may be that energy companies are the best bet for future growth as well as current revenues.
It's a good bet that a lot of kids who can't get enough cartoons dream about someday getting a job making them.
Later in the mission, the best bet for catching a flare is when the sail is near the horizon.
By contrast, suppose you and your neighbor have bet on whether today's peak temperature would exceed fifty degrees.
Better bet: find the companies offering the drug for sale, and invest in them.
Students view business degrees as the surest bet for finding a job and paying off college loans.
In the meantime the best bet is to avoid bringing bed bugs home in the first place.
Researchers consider plug-in hybrids charged by stationary solar arrays a better bet.
The truth is that some industries will actually do worse and some better than that bet.
Id say hes made a bet with another billionaire or his alter ego to see if its possible his ideas about reality are right.
No one, including the government, seems willing to bet billions and billions of dollars on a new reactor technology.
When they won, they'd bank their winnings and bet the same amount again.
Your best bet is to watch for suspicious links or sites.
In effect, bet on the horses, which are located everywhere.
Again, if you have tons of comp experience, your best bet is to apply for instructor and adjunct jobs.
So it's a safe bet that a majority of college applicants never participate in a single admissions interview.
Having other people read and edit your letter is your best bet.
My bet is they will keep this as low-key as possible.
Your best bet is to multiply inside your host as fast as you can.
We agreed to disagree and make a bet that no one would remember.
If you live in the immediate vicinity of the convention center, it's a safe bet that you'll find your cell service intermittent.
The typical player would bet maybe a half dollar per pull.
It is a good bet that he will be more prepared than the rivals, though that's obviously no guarantee of success.
In practical terms, my bet is that nothing will change.
He went from a sleeper pick for the nomination, to a wise-guy's best bet, to a flop.
Relying on military spending has generally been a good bet for the last ten years.
Their half-a-billion-dollar bet is an important lesson in building a culture of innovation.
My generation was promised that things were going to get better and many of us were naive enough to bet on it.
The hedge-fund manager bet big against the subprime-mortgage market and won.
Bet you didn't know your phone could measure your heart rate.
To get married is to make a bet on always and forever.

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