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Example sentences for bestow

As a gesture of respect, I bestow upon you a laurel leaf out of my crown.
It wasn't my place to bestow that kind of morality lesson on someone.
They were busy mapping the coast and didn't bestow the spot with a name.
The greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker.
There is an easy elegance that only a knowing hand and gifted eye can bestow.
The timber trade is among myriad businesses asking Congress to bestow special concessions as part of energy legislation.
When we love something, we bestow meaning and beauty on it.
We heartily thank those who bestow their patronage on our humble company.
Perhaps you could bestow your punctuation wisdom on the audience.
The particles and shapes can also be incorporated into other materials to bestow useful properties on them.
In other words, it will not bestow new geniuses to solve the worlds problems but rather pirates to make everything worse.
The waitresses liked to bestow advice-depilatory, pharmacological, chauvinistic.
Whatever special abilities dyslexia may bestow, difficulty with reading still imposes a handicap.
The colds they catch in day care, then, may bestow some immunity to future colds for a few years.

Famous quotes containing the word bestow

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