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To bemoan such savagery as accursed, inhuman and bestial does not even begin to describe it.
But his view of humanity is a bleak one, predicated as it is on the bestial uniformity of the species.
They also tear across the stage with bestial ferocity.
Bestial or childish blacks were comic relief in early films, and they were mascots of all-white baseball teams.
The only human sounds are bestial grunts and chortles.
The big story is not the push to modernize but the struggle to civilize, to curb the bestial side of human nature.
The soundtrack switches to repeated, insane, bestial screaming.
There's also no doubt that he and his successors often behaved as bestial murderers.
There was this incredibly bestial practice of cutting off limbs, chopping arms and hands.
Her human form watches over several bestial figures, suggesting that human reason presides over primal instincts.
Hence consuming and consumption are modes of bestial and botanic consummation.
At night she was taken by the trader to his room to satisfy his bestial nature.

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