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For a certain kind of company, recessions may be beside the point.
Located beside the lake for which the city is named, the campus is spectacular and visitors marvel at its beauty.
But the quality of the service is so poor that a parallel private service is growing up beside it.
Sha sits beside me on a folding chair, enjoying an early morning cigarette after a bath in the river.
On the terrace, a few parents chatted beside an alluring spread of bagels, coffee and fruit.
Set the container in a high-visibility area, such as on a patio or beside an entry.
Nearby, in a storage room beside the vault, an ordinary-looking red fire extinguisher was strapped to the wall.
Barns lean wildly or collapse inwards, slouchy silhouettes beside neat rows of corn.
To support himself, he worked as a laborer in a limestone quarry and later a factory, reading books on theology beside a boiler.
The miller is at home near his millstones and beside his dam.
The trophy rested on a mantel in their family room, beside an oil painting.
Stick a label in the ground beside the rose and you're done.
The truth of the gender binary is so central to our culture that evidence is beside the point.
Not that long ago, viewers had little beside heavily censored state-owned channels.
There are many other factors involved in food safety beside the grower's philosophy.
Your comment about it not saving oil is beside the point.
Tepee of bamboo poles tied together at top supports beans planted beside poles.
The fact that even toddlers are capable of manipulating complicated technology is beside the point.
For now, its biggest draw is a patch of levelled ground beside the main palace.
Beside the walking track is a treadmill for the horses.
Colorful sprinkles aren't lowbrow beside sifted cocoa.
He doesn't see any way of opening it beside prying it out.
Critics of global capitalism often claim that, when it comes to helping the poor, growth is beside the point.
Animals ran past them, many with burned feet, and predator and prey ran beside each other in an attempt to escape.
Other outdoor rooms include a bed for shade plants beside the house and a small lawn.
Finding and staying beside the food earned the robots points.
Rather, the question is how regulations might help engineered crops exist beside conventional and organic ones.
There's an example where a concrete house collapsed right beside a wood-frame one that's a hundred years old.
Beside setting a record, the real objective was to test the airplane's ability to fly long distances while gathering data.
Beside that, the bubble is in the cost not the supply.
All acts are driven by people's mind which are being influenced constantly by external beside internal factors.
Only the smashed furniture, the officer standing beside me, and the adrenaline spikes are real.
The scientific interpretation only a talking beside the point.
Some yards are filled with abandoned cars and old boats, and tanning salons sit beside organic bakeries.
Bob is my father-in-law, but that's beside the point.
Whether or not she is arrogant is completely beside the point.
Kodak announced plans for new film-processing retail kiosks to sit beside their digital counterparts.
Complaints about the examples are entirely beside the point.
There are also undulating dragons and sea horses languishing beside giant shells.
Bursting laughter could be heard from the audio room beside the courtroom where the trial's sound was being broadcast.
Dozens of wine and beer bottles beside a fully loaded recycling container await pickup.
It sits across from a pond and beside a field where the college's team of woodsmen practices.
Several small stores and houses beside the consulate were also damaged.
Whether intuition is on the mark or not is beside the point.
Beside me the fuzzy edge of the counter becomes a strong line, and then the computer atop it snaps into place.
The other cases are directly beside the main case and main label.
We now know that the risks of splitting atoms pale beside the dreadful toll exacted by fossil fuels.
Grieve not for her nor speak of her with tears but laugh and tell of her as though she was beside us.
And when you sign a credit card application, nobody's sitting there beside you.
At his feet, beside the fire, a pipe carved in the image of a rattlesnake rests on a cedar box.
By comparison, the group's studio albums can feel optional, almost beside the point.
Understanding why they are poor becomes an academic question, interesting, but beside the point.
We actually enjoyed ourselves, but that's beside the point.
After shower time, she would stand on a stool beside him as he lathered up.
But what motivated his critics is mostly beside the point.
Whether the technology is illegal or immoral or not is beside the point.
The larger the angle, the more people should be able to crowd beside the set.
So the reference you looked up and cited is beside the point.
He decided to burn the stuff near a shed beside a small pond and headed back to the car.
Whether or not the books succeed, either as fiction or social commentary, is beside the point.
He kneels down beside one of the pale forms, breathes into its mouth, and tries to bring it back to life.
But these pale beside other issues the labour movement is pursuing.
Maybe the arguments over whether exchange rates should be fixed, free or managed are beside the point.
Another showed, beside a tray of perfume bottles, two stone hands twisted in pain.
Use them as accents among lower-growing plants such as sweet woodruff, or tuck them among boulders beside ponds.
Climb the wooden stairs beside his hind leg to enter the door in his side.
Further down the track, safety officials tend to the injured in a spectator area beside the service lane.
Bring your tackle box and fishing poles and spend the morning relaxing beside one of the scattered lakes.
Yet what really makes this app shine is a fully animated version of the tragedy that runs beside the text.
He's shown in his rock shop beside a replica of a dinosaur bone he found.
When they do, take a picture of yourself beside the poster and send it in.
One wall is completely open to his tens of thousands of neighbors who live in the same park beside the collapsed palace.
While your cell phone is laying on the desk or the car dock beside you, it is charging.
If the consumption of energy occurs beside, the temperature mode of an environment does not vary.
Brain function and it's measures is completely beside the point.
Imagine that a stranger came up to you at a restaurant, sat down beside you, and started eating off your plate.
And even if it were, it's completely beside the point.
He was in his colonel's uniform and beret, with white gloves that made his hands seem enormous beside his emaciated body.
With private equity, the company's owners sit closely beside managers and are intimately involved in decision-making.
Last week soldiers stood beside polling stations snarling at civilians.
This, which seems an anomaly, arose when the driver walked beside his team.
She is fair as a goddess sitting beneath a flowering peach-tree, beside a clear river.
The poplar-trees watch beside the irrigation-ditches.
Some of his conjectures deserve a place beside those of his more eminent successors.
Archer felt that at any cost he must keep her beside him, must make her give him the rest of her evening.
Out of the tree they carved an image, and having dressed it as a bride, they set it on a bullock-cart with a bridesmaid beside it.
But whether it matches your idea of what perfect bread is, that's rather beside the point.
If you're catering a party, put a bowl of this dip beside a tray of chilled shrimp.
Vendors crouch on plastic stools beside their seafood caboodle.
Beside it, on a wooden pallet, was a strange metal contraption about five feet high.
They four in one day killed as much fowl as, with a little help beside, served the company almost a week.
The cubs nuzzle her, trying to waken her, then settle down beside her.
Photographs of him posing beside his boat might almost be confused for fashion illustrations.
She lays the fish beside dozens of other specimens on a clear tarp.
The hedgehog was the size of a tennis ball and sat tucked in a rut in the road beside some low bushes.
Beside it is a pond holding debris and mud from a well.
That's right: your seemingly harmless printer, sitting innocuously beside your desk, was a ticking time bomb.
But its ultimate fate in the marketplace is, in a way, beside the point.
Whether an environment is public or not is beside the point.
Beside the drilling site is a small pond lined with plastic, filling up with the mud and debris that spurt from the well.
Henry's portentous musings on the futility of war seem fatuous beside his clear-eyed account of how war looks.
For my thesis the personal qualities of a producer are rather beside the point.
The tipple crackled in the cold as the sun's heat left it, and on a pole beside it an unused transformer still hummed.
She put one hand on his shoulder and knelt in the snow beside the den.
Of course, there is no science of history, but that's almost beside the point.
Yet for all that, the names are almost beside the point.
She received the nickel and then fished the other nickel out of her pocket and laid it beside the new one.
Beside her on the mattress, a fire-flayed corpse: the remains of her last lover.
They parked their car a third of the way up the block, beside a parking lot enclosed by a chainlink fence.
So exhorts the sign posted beside a vintage rack of factory time cards.
All of this is true--and yet strikes me as mostly beside the point.
Offerings of cigarettes and sake sit beside incense burners.
With a giggle, he took the bag and set it down on the floor beside his chair.
The neighbors slowly began using the pool although the house beside it was now empty.
They slept in the same bed because she could not tell him to use the sofa and because she liked having them beside her.
Steve had the habit of taking a swim every morning at the lake beside his house.
Beside us, that familiar sleeping body in the bed: a new kind of stranger.
It is a tetragon, several stories high, and it is right beside the river.
The photographer had the couple stand on the pavement beside the water.
The next thing he knew, he was lying on the floor beside his bed and had nearly put his fist through the bedroom wall.
At the top of the ridge, the paleontologist hunkers down beside a cylindrical boulder streaked with crumbling crystalline rock.
The test seems so beside the point when you have someone right next to you dying.
Beside the octagonal tank loom two eight-foot-high, two-foot-wide pillars made of maple struts encased in polyethylene.
If the meteorite happens to be pod-shaped, by all means place it beside your bed before you retire for the evening.
Your discussion of morals as binary is entirely beside the point.
The swimmers, standing beside the sail in their wet suits and flippers, closed the hatch.
Beside it can bolster confidence in the individual mind, for finding things that the large expensive machines could not.
She was sitting at a table eating it, beside herself with joy.
At one point he drew a pistol from his pocket and fired a round into the cushion beside us.
Although she did not stand beside him on the receiving line, she arrived with him and left with him.
Inside were rows of cots with clothes piled on the floor beside each one.
He was beside himself over that because of things that are deep-seated in his nature.
Beside the lamp was the partially crushed lampshade.
They found him in his backyard beside the pool, shaken from the hospital visit and seemingly contrite.
Water drips from the vaulted ceiling into small pools beside the tracks below.
You're holding it beside your leg so he can't see it.
Beside them were battered cobalt blue trucks-the ones used to whisk away prisoners and detainees.
He sets forth his findings beside the myths rather than on their ruins.
And his queen stood up beside him, all beaming in her rosy goodness, her face alight with pride at his performance.
There are his polished shoes and his briefcase, standing neatly beside his chair.
But these objections are in an important sense beside the point.
The fact that his plan was not only impractical but inadvertently cruel is beside the point.
Birds that eat similar things may sometimes work together to get their food and will eat right beside each other.
Click view beside receipts image file to make sure image is clear.
The time allotted for each side's argument is noted beside each case.
Some sites are available along the bank of the creek running beside the campground.
Cue the awkward silence as you stand beside a fellow partygoer with whom your only shared interest appears to be the bean dip.
Take stock of where you stand, and notice the ones beside you.

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