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Example sentences for beset

The country is beset by a shortage of universities for the growing number of students who want to attend.
Beset from all sides, there will be no immediate deportations, though the government insists its policy has not changed.
She tells me about her former life and her current one, beset now with some health concerns, but she takes this all in stride.
The big screen has been beset by bugs since the beginning.
It has been beset by hoaxes and remains shrouded in confusion, but quantum computing is no pipe dream.
Academic libraries have been beset by changes that have led some observers to wonder.
Similar problems have beset other private-equity firms that have gone public.
But that fail-safe device had itself been beset by leaks and maintenance problems.
We are beset by headlines about disease risks and what certain medications can do.
The school has been beset with repeat changes of deans resulting in total lack of coordination.
But the government, beset by crises such as last year's tsunami, has not got around to many of its promised reforms.
It has been beset by delays as neighbors have protested building plans.
The blog will also tackle some of the headaches that beset the writers and editors who put out university magazines.
Two of the four big problems that have long beset it are almost solved.
The pair was also beset with injuries, both routine and scary, that tested their resolve and resourcefulness.
After all, once you start down this road, there's no end to the demons that can beset you.
But it is rudderless, beset with internal rivalries, and will be lucky to survive the next election.
Later, he said that he was beset by prematrimonial jitters.
His administration is beset by indecision and drift.
The race was beset by controversy and the voting went to five rounds.
For years he had been beset with notions concerning his heart.
Beset on all sides and sinking in the polls, he's not content to go out with a whimper.
The twin-engine plane has been beset by design and construction problems that caused numerous delays.
However this year they have been beset with uncustomary intrigue.
The markets are beset by a series of contradictions.
We are beset by cognitive biases that throw what would be sound decision-making off-balance.
It is beset by a rebellion in the north and a struggle for secession in the south.
It has also been beset by accusations of revenue and earnings management fraud.
Despite all the problems that beset us, we're on the threshold of a new era of exploration and discovery.
Every day uncounted millions are beset by the sudden, heart-pounding dizziness of panic.
Newcomers were beset with information from every corner.
Eating disorders than may beset teenagers and seriously affect their health are discussed.
Melon growers are beset by numerous problems related to disease, weather, pests and the quest for fruit uniformity.

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