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Example sentences for berth

The untenured steer a wide berth lest the vapor touch them.
Icebreakers free a drilling vessel from its icebound berth.
More vessels queue up outside the harbours waiting for a free berth.
Predators typically give skunks a wide berth unless little other food is available.
The trick, say experts, is to book a discounted berth and budget carefully for the extras.
But he thinks it also dismayed younger scholars, who gave these macroeconomic disputes a wide berth.
Accommodations include berth compartments and reclining seats.
But she is in a berth usually occupied by aircraft carriers.
Implants being developed by two groups fit into a snug berth under the retina of the eye.
Historically, human beings have prudently given the place a wide berth.
Most animals have developed a well-earned fear of stinging wasps and give them a wide berth.
Every berth was occupied by a storm-damaged ferry or barge.
Some of the lit professors used to actually give him a two foot berth on the campus paths, they disagreed with him so viscerally.
Near the bow, a few younger couples who hadn't booked early enough for a berth were making the best of their situation.
Toby walked around, giving the couple a wide berth as if they were a puddle.
Faculty, once they have found a berth, often become blind to the problems and deaf to the cries of their own indentured students.
But the tournament field could more than double this weekend when five teams can clinch a berth simply by winnings.
Intermodal yard expansion will further increase capabilities, as will a planned fourth berth.
These thirteen sites come with a boat berth for the same fee as a regular campsite.
Watch for the flags and buoys that mark these nets and give them a wide berth.
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