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If a friend ate berries from a particular bush and soon became sick, you might wisely avoid those berries yourself.
Adored by some people, detested by others, the aroma is so powerful that a few ripe berries can perfume a room.
The berries are available frozen, dried or in tablet form, or you can buy seedlings and grow your own.
The birds ate the berries and then flew to find more food.
Both berries and rabbit arrived at my doorstep via overnight delivery, packed in dry ice.
Immediately before serving, add fresh berries to garnish.
There are hints of berries and a pleasant understated tartness.
It takes only a few drops of true balsamic to perk up salads or cheeses or berries.
The pigment comes from the skin of the fruit, so there's no reason to mash the berries before adding them to the water.
It is the home to a unique, and immobile, living collection of fruits and berries.
Already, peasants have been reduced to chewing wild berries.
Anyone who would rather go and live on nuts and berries in the forest is free to do so.
Back in the old days, no one complained about eating berries and meat and exercising.
Mistaking them for berries, birds pluck the seeds from fruit and excrete them over a wide territory.
For our ancestors, meat supplied a more concentrated package of calories and nutrients than weeds and berries.
We also survived on fruit and berries in between kills of high protein and fat.
The deer harvest the herb too, munching on the leaves, flowers and berries.
One of the keys to their success is that they are generalists, quite happy to eat insects, seeds of berries given the chance.
Along the road, mom-and-pop operators were selling flats of berries from tents and campers.
Of all the foods in the world, berries are his favorite.
Part of the fun of hiking in the woods is the treat of coming across a bush chock-full of wild berries.
The bag contained a small handful of red berries-magical berries, he proclaimed-which would completely alter our reality.
Summer meant gathering wild desert greens, berries, and saguaro fruit.
Shrubs have turned red, and the blue berries on the elderberry bushes are reduced to bright seeds in copious bear scat.
The berries have the ability to make sour foods taste deliciously sweet.
They have also developed long, narrow bills that are less well adapted to eating fruits and berries than the south-west migrants.
But some people are bound to witness this exact scenario play out with perfectly good non-poisonous berries.
Round clusters of amethyst to purple berries remain on bare stems after willowlike leaves turn color and drop.
Show off a vibrant mix of berries, seeded eucalyptus, and flowers in a pedestal bowl.
To get large plants with smaller yields of big berries, pinch off all the runners.
Pack the frozen berries in a cooler and make this on the first night of camping, before they thaw completely.
Blueberries often produce so many fruit buds that the bushes' growth is stunted and the berries are undersized.
Add fresh berries and butter to the mixed-berry coulis over oatmeal-raspberry pancakes.
Plants shape themselves but often produce so many fruit buds that berries are undersize and plant growth slows down.
Juniper berries give this stuffing a savory, woodsy note.
If you use frozen berries, be sure to use the juice from the thawing in the sauce.
Teach kids the importance of healthy eating by introducing them to farm-fresh berries, corn, tomatoes and other produce.
They sometimes eat berries and plants in the summer.
Berries make up an important part of the subsistence diet.
Soapberry and bearberry bushes grow on the taiga where they provide berries for bears and other animals.
Combine the berries and sugar in a small saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.
The dessert menu offers tiramisu and creme brulee and berries.
Bluebirds depend on mistletoe berries as their main winter food.
Families of birds hold territories with an abundance of the berries.
He ends up fishing, hunting and picking berries for food.
These birds are hardier than other swallows and can feed on seeds and berries during colder months.
The creatures are described as shy and nocturnal, and their diets consist mostly of berries and fruits.
They often move into the park's meadows to eat berries and other favorite snack foods.
The cedar waxwing is easily found in open habitat where there are berries.
They are breakfasting meagerly on berries and weak tea.
Today the tart berries are marketed year-round in both juice and dried form.
Plants with the brightest red berries are usually the winners.
Mix the berries with two tablespoons of the liqueur.
It can devastate crops by ruining coffee berries and the quality of the coffee.
Berries and cream is my favorite breakfast in the world.
One relies on oak and time for its flavor, the other on intricate combinations of juniper berries and botanicals.
It makes a beautiful filling for layer cakes, and can be spooned into tart shells and topped with fresh berries.
Pre-harvest flooding elevates the light, air-filled berries a bit above the vines, easy pickings for the harvester machines.
When a produce share brings both berries and foraged delicacies, a home cook sautés outside her comfort zone.
One cup of fresh fruit may be added during the freezing process, or you can serve fresh berries or figs on top.
We've probably been eating flowers for as long as we've been gathering berries.
For variety, try lining the crust with colorful fresh berries.
By the next day, juice is leeched out of the berries, producing a pink colored water.
Both artisans guard their sources for wild berries and the best citrus and stone fruits.
Try shaving good chocolate over ice cream, on top of a cake, or to sprinkle over fresh berries.
Pull off tops and tails of gooseberries and halve berries lengthwise.
Pour syrup through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl, gently stirring cranberries but not pressing on them, then discard berries.
Our new pastry chef is doing a raspberry mousse cake with chocolate, and a framboise with their berries.
Cut the sweetness with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice, or simmer berries in the syrup.
On the stem, more abstracted petals, with tiny berries or buds peeking out between them.
In the forests and mountains there were elk and deer, and mushrooms and berries beyond imagining.
From there it's easy to imagine tiny, sugar-poached tomatoes nestled alongside summer berries in a simple tart or crumble.
Drain the berries on paper towels and sprinkle them with sifted confectioners' sugar.
It is tedious toil to gather the little heart-shaped berries.
Strain in a sieve set over a small saucepan, reserving berries.
Serve it with the five-spice cones or topped with fresh berries.
Fill shell with berries and sprinkle evenly with topping.
Sauerkraut here is sweeter than elsewhere and rich with caraway seeds, juniper berries, and wine.
They ate berries and huddled against the trees for shelter.
Açaí berries, packed full of antioxidants, may be the secret to perfect skin.
My first impulse for a strawberry dessert was a bowl of berries topped with a snowy dollop of whipped heavy cream.
Berries must also not be shriveled, have broken skins, scars or green berries.
Wild berries are a special treat enjoyed by people only a few times a year.
Indians and explorers sometimes included these berries in their preparation of pemmican.
All berries have some common traits: they do not ripen any further once they've been picked.
We have some of the sweetest and juiciest berries around.
Berries also disperse with human activity and flowing water.
Ginseng's green leaves and shiny berries light up the shady forest floor.
The white berries are smooth on the faces, furrowed on the sides.

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