berm in a sentence

Example sentences for berm

It also stopped every now and then to crouch down on a small berm near an ancient lake.
The water pressure against the decrepit berm was palpable.
The height of the island and a berm ringing the outer edge would be raised to guard against a rise in sea level.
Moonraker is a stark, weathered cathedral of chlorine, all but buried in an earthen berm.
The center complex is built within a huge berm that was designed to resemble a giant pot buried in the ground.
Dust devils puff around on the berm, and maple sprigs land in the yard with their white bellies up.
Soon she finishes her work and begins dragging herself down the berm toward the breaking waves.
Note sediment on upstream side of berm and clear water on downstream side.
The berm was inadequate both in height and in the materials used to construct it.
At construction, the ponds were excavated from grade and a minimal height berm was constructed around the perimeter.
One side of the road abutted the hillside and the other side, unprotected by any berm or guard, sloped down an embankment.
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