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Bent tracks will allow the rollers to pop out, making it difficult to raise or lower the door.
He bent down, seized upon it and lifted it to a flickering light with a cry of thankful joy.
It should be possible to tailor these so that sound waves are bent such that no echo results.
Intriguingly, many of the items seemed to have been bent or broken.
The sea horse's neck morphology is bent on capturing prey.
He smiled broadly and bent down face to face with me.
When figs are ripe, they detach easily when lifted and bent back toward the branch.
The bent pyramid likely had to have a new slope so that the base would not crack.
They seem bent on getting their undergraduate years over as soon as possible.
Bent by millennia of interment, the skull had a deformed shape that made it tough to tag as totally human.
Those photons travel out toward a star and their path is bent a little.
But winemakers aren't bent on causing rampant drunkenness.
The flat metal plates are stamped and bent to turn them into the rear saddle support.
He bent slowly over the bed with cartoon-wide eyes and full piano accompaniment.
And he still seems bent on repaying election favours to a rapacious old guard.
To obtain out-of-reach food, the crow repeatedly took a piece of straight wire and bent it to create a hook.
Now they travel a little further and get bent a little more.
Pea arbor before peas: bamboo sticks bent and tied with twine.
Watermarks is a kind of science project with an artistic bent.
It continues with our heads bent over a disorganized pastiche of nonstandard sentences set in one enormous paragraph.
Space, for example, gets bent out of shape by any matter that is hanging about in it.
It turns out he was straightening a wheel that was bent on the obstacle.
They thought that a low hum might straighten out those bent cochlear hairs.
The former is being displaced by the latter, a well-financed and shrewdly organized expedition bent on conquest.
Your thinking is generally good for science and your bent is curiosity.
If you have a scientific bent get pleasure from thinking about the problems that remain unsolved.
The legs are bent keys, and the head was made from a dismantled rubber pad.
The crops are flattened, the stalks bent but not broken.
She got into our story and bent over backwards trying to help us.
To create the decorative surface of cloisonné, thin fillets of flattened wire are bent to form a pattern.
As the straw becomes bent at the end, the chimpanzee breaks off the bent pieces until the tool is too short for further use.
When light is bent around a surface, for instance, the surface itself effectively becomes invisible.
The crops were flattened, the stalks bent but not broken.
One of the hunters was bent over and groaning, and he started to wave me over to him, pointing to his nose.
Bent feelings over widely distributed email is not an instructors' problem.
We repeatedly sat on, dropped and haphazardly tossed the frames without seeing them get bent out of shape.
If anything comes up you can always tell them you have proof you bent over backwards for the student.
Slide your right leg back two or three feet and lean forward onto your left leg, knee bent.
Within the region where the light is bent from our perspective, it still appears straight to an observer within it.
Not bad-----deflates a lot of professors bent on being elite-r than carpenters are.
Only humans bent on exploration, and with the right ship to get here, have reason to visit.
The party bent with the wind by abandoning central planning.
Otherwise, please keep your commentary within a somewhat scientific bent.
Informal markets sprouted, as people either bent the law or defied it.
In real life, he was also a pampered aristocrat bent on retaining his elitist standing.
Wrist strain is reduced when your wrists are straight, not bent backwards.
Your knees are bent as though you were about to spring from a high-dive.
Hot coals glowed in a dark interior, where a craftsman was bent over an anvil hammering silver.
Now they've got an entire industry bent over the barrel and can screw everyone coming and going.
But she had noticed, and recorded, some bent branches flattened together in a nearby tree: a chimp nest.
After four hours, they bent their course south and upward to aim at a saddle between two of the highest of these summits.
If you are a firefly bent on mating tonight, you kind of need to find one of your own species.
To extricate it, engineers had to dig out snow and mud under a bent tank tread.
If a trainer bent backward and lifted a leg, dolphin would turn on its back and lift its tail in the air.
Embedded in the urethane are six strain gages, sensors that change electrical resistance as they are bent.
But these barbs expose him to the charge that he is a sore loser, bent mainly on revenge.
Fears about the global economy have slowed business investment, and all levels of government are bent on austerity.
Rating agencies are, as never before, bent on finding new sources of revenue.
It may have given bent bureaucrats more cause to worry about outside scrutiny.
But he is cowed by the new intake of theatrical extremists bent on playing at budget discipline rather than achieving it.
We seem to be bent on destroying every single resource and unable to talk our way out of doing so.
Comrades were those who, in the name of the revolution, were bent on honoring the complete human being.
The painting's steel frame was severely bent, and part of the wood beneath the paint had cracked.
The old benign matriarchal government has been captured by males bent on centralized domination.
The lover's neck is bent at an impossible angle, suggesting either that his spine is broken or that he is made of rubber.
Lie on the back with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
If it is bent or otherwise strained, thus deranging the polymers, they will naturally return to their ordered state.
They can be rolled and bent, but they can't conform to the shape of a hand, for instance.
Juxtaposition will take care of the seemingly non-creative bent of machine intelligence.
Today's military reading lists have a more pragmatic bent.
It was a trapped fly, and as he bent forward to get a closer look a spider rushed forth, and carried it screaming to its web.
He bent to put his statement on the bridge, then placed his cell phone on it.
He was leathery and bent over, but his arms were roped with muscle.
Bent her over the sink to lance my tongue between her smoldering lips.
Bloom plots a course between a strictly evolutionary account of human pleasure and one with a more pronounced cultural bent.
From the leaning, shining walls immense rectangles of torn and spattered canvas projected on thin arms of bent pipe.
Feet should be placed hip width apart, and your knees should be slightly bent.
For those with a meteorological bent, there is a range of weather stations, barometers and other gear.
She is completely bent at the waist and is confined to bed or wheelchair, and cannot move her feet or legs.
The layers have different refractive indices, and incoming light waves are bent and reflected at each interface.
The bars were bent to fit the contours of the copper, as seen in the close up of the face's interior.
They pushed the law and stretched the law and bent the law, and many people think they broke the law.
Two sat cross-legged and the third with its knees bent upwards.
During the past year, the efforts of everyone have been bent toward a single task: fixing the collider.
Bent at the waist, he chases his fumble awkwardly across the office.
The whole body weight rested thus at the joints bent to the rear.
Saturated fatty acids have rigid hydrocarbon tails while unsaturated fatty acids have bent hydrocarbon tails.
They want to know what drives these artists and madmen, bent over stoves, tinkering with recipes until their eyes bleed.
We no longer fear a single enemy bent on our psycho-political subjugation.
But he is bent on cutting down an adversary almost as resistant: the conventional approach to development in poor countries.
He beckoned to his group, and they started up, bent forward against the slope.
And universities themselves are exhibiting a markedly more commercial bent.
All eyes were on his hand as he wound the toy up to its limit and bent over and set it on the floor.
One conspicuous example of this trend is sports-crazed parents bent on making champions of their children.
Convince them that society is not bent upon revenging itself on them for their crimes, and the work is three-fourths done.
Andre bent down and kissed the bare right foot goodbye.
Every writer has a professional, geographical, or disciplinary bent.
Occasionally, he'd allow me to take a photograph as he bent over the parchment with his pen.
It's a bent arrow, but it's the only one remaining in their quiver.
Ending its course by striking the hipbone obliquely, the bullet was bent out of shape, its base oval rather than round.
He bent over, aware that he had twisted something the wrong way.
The body of the station is to the right, and the bent joint of the robotic arm is obvious.
Freeman, the laboratory director at a mental hospital, spent many late nights bent over the dissecting table at the morgue.
When put on edge, these skis bent at the center, forming an arc in the snow that the board could follow.
But giraffes feed mostly with their necks bent, along low bushes.
What is in play is that all light from all galaxies is bent by the space-time warp of gravity.
Rather, females banded together to help fend off males bent on infanticide.
It's so much more harmless than all the real reasons there are to get bent out of shape.
He would walk by, a little bent over, still wearing his bicycle helmet and ankle reflectors.
Finally, on a particularly bad day, the hulder picked up a heavy iron poker and bent it into a perfect circle with her bare hands.
To put it bluntly-- she bent over backwards for all sides.
He also seems bent on trying to resurrect his reputation.
It was the wire lock pick, bent to fit between his lip and gum and stowed there between escapes.
These absurd fictions used to be the stock-in-trade of ninth-graders bent on frightening the younger kids.
Thus he revealed two other aspects of his character: a literary bent and an interest in public affairs.
Defiant words for a regional bully bent on meddling in domestic affairs.
Dropped bent caps should be fully detailed showing the plan, elevation and section.

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