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Example sentences for benighted

And these tragically benighted wolf-whistlers are turned into prey by the filmmaker who hounds them.
Perhaps those benighted producers go hunting for lunatics in a nostalgic quest for ideological struggle.
She is smart about a lot of things, but she is also somewhat benighted when it comes to seat belts.
Many people concluded that the ice ax marked the spot of a fatal fall, perhaps after dark as the benighted climbers descended.
Such treats are lost on visitors from the benighted lands with no sauna culture.
Inequality is indeed a frequent side-effect of injustice, but it is benighted to fixate on symptoms to the neglect of the disease.
Efforts to clean up the benighted coast have been hindered by poor weather.
And, gradually, there dawn- ed upon his benighted spirit a dim perception of the grandeur of this created universe.
Their priests are true worshipers of the father of lies, and the poor benighted nations are genuine children of perdition.

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