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Instead of being benevolent stewards of creation, we have been relentless destroyers of it.
My parents practiced a form of benevolent neglect, and I was always encouraged to go out and play.
There is surely something singularly benevolent in the character of our sovereign.
He's a very benevolent person.
Changes that occur should be made for benevolent purposes, not destructive purposes.
He is so benevolent and handsome with his luminous blue eyes.
Socrates grinned to put the boy at ease but he didn't look benevolent.
We became committed to rearing the world's first totally benevolent guardian dog.
It could also be used in a benevolent society to monitor mental health to an unprecedented degree.
Meanwhile concerned citizens wondered whether these ostensibly benevolent electronic eyes were developing a suspicious squint.
The benevolent dictator scenario is often related as the best system of governance.
Abundant natural resources with benevolent climate is the primary source of this historical prosperity.
So gossip was originally a benevolent practice vital for the saving of souls if it were not misused.
Our values to be benevolent has become inconsistent with our need to be fair.
Only benevolent governments can fix it by imposing tyrannical mandates to stop the people from behaving irresponsibly.
What all these responses have in common is a benevolent, and surely unintentional, self-aggrandizement.
Motive, however benevolent, is no defense in cases of mercy killing.
However benevolent it may sound, strengthening the social safety net would not be my policy recommendation number one.
The moody father is transformed overnight into the benevolent paterfamilias.
Chefs also admit to enjoying the status of benevolent dictator that tasting menus confer on them.
Sometimes answers to questions are rather simple and benevolent at the end of the day.
There are always some who will mean you harm no matter how benevolent you try to be.
The unfortunate situation of his eldest brother's affairs gave him an occasion of exercising his benevolent disposition.
We know who is benevolent, by quite other means than the amount of subscription to soup-societies.
Little minds find gratification for their feelings, benevolent or otherwise, by a constant exercise of petty ingenuity.
He was a benevolent enough crank, but no friend of preaching.
It is cheaper to provide benevolent handouts to the poor than to guarantee them a full range of social services as of right.
When things go swimmingly, few people seem to mind being run by benevolent autocrats.
So far, the version emerging as predominant seems relatively benevolent.
But last month the monarchy's benevolent image was dented.
To him, all your money is community money that the benevolent state merely permits you to hold for a little while.
Democracy isn't any more inherently moral or immoral than benevolent dictatorship.
But if someone is lying for more benevolent reasons, then the link breaks down considerably.
The emir does not pretend he is anything but a benevolent modernising autocrat.
The two go together and were a present of a benevolent elite to the people.
She was a benevolent dictator, sponsoring photography clubs and devotion all around town.
These governments' legitimacy depends on their benevolent dictatorship.
The incriminated scientists say the comments prove out of context and are benevolent.

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