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Labels proclaiming health benefits of foods almost shout out in the aisles of supermarkets.
Recycling your plastic takes a little thought and effort but has all kinds of benefits.
The potential health benefits of drinking green tea are varied, ranging from preventing bad breath to protecting your heart.
Beets may get a bad rap in the culinary world, but their heath benefits have many reconsidering the oft-overlooked vegetable.
It also helps for combating colon and prostate cancer and has many other benefits.
Administration researchers flooding the era's journals were with highly academic papers that produced no immediate benefits.
They should also give clues as to how the rest are metabolised-in other words, whether they might give any health benefits.
Hydropower installations can offer a range of benefits beyond energy production, unlike solar power arrangements.
There is much more to the benefits of telecommuting than helping the company's bottom-line.
Along with the pleasure comes a hidden dividend: health benefits.
If researchers and regulators get the balance right, the potential benefits of early whole-genome sequencing are substantial.
In the same way as was his new maximum of the amount payable in weekly benefits to the unemployed.
The reported benefits of fertilizing plants with compost or manure tea vary.
The ecological benefits of gardening on your roof.
One of the benefits of being a major leaguer was that custom bats were paid for by the team.
Now, the room benefits from a built-in sideboard and wider, open doorways.
The health benefits also make a strong case for action to countries that have so far resisted climate mitigation for its own sake.
The list goes on-the benefits to mankind are manifold.
The plant benefits from occasional tip pruning to keep it bushy and should last outdoors until frost.
Working in an academic lab provides a wealth of benefits.
Scientists have long known about health benefits of pomegranates.
Scientists say more research is needed to confirm the hypothesis that dirt has health benefits.
The benefits of judicious decentralization are numerous.
There's a surprisingly robust literature on the emotional benefits of having sisters.
Daylight saving time, however, can bring many benefits.
Efforts on behalf of wildlife are actually bringing positive benefits to local people.
They ranked the alternatives by comparing efficiency with health and environmental benefits.
The study found that other methods promised environmental benefits of varying degree, with wind power being the cleanest.
There could also be benefits to the biofuel industry.
Too late for surviving merchant seamen who lost forty years of health benefits, education, or insurance benefits.
They ran the model again and again, for a wide range of population densities and migration costs and benefits.
As a renewable energy, pig oil has great environmental benefits.
New research explains music's power over human emotions and its benefits to our mental and physical well-being.
It's one that maybe is a little bit idiosyncratic, but that benefits from that little extra bit of style.
Engineers eventually questioned the benefits of rubberized roads.
They will conclude by writing paragraphs telling younger kids about the benefits of trees and plants.
Living in the mountains may provide benefits beyond a picturesque view.
We encourage and are proactive in sustainable tourism that reduces the pressures and creates benefits rather than conflict.
Trees bring both comfort and measurable benefits to urban environments.
As a new technology will no doubt be more costly than it's benefits.
The environmental benefits of composting are significant.
Affordable genome sequencing offers many potential benefits.
Although the fall open enrollment season for health benefits is still months away, employers already are planning for it.
In the civilian world, it's illegal to deny health coverage or disability benefits on the basis of genetic information.
Lawmakers are talking about further extending unemployment benefits.
There appear to be three categories of benefits that travellers can enjoy on their birthdays.
And some politicians want the state to draw attention to benefits of marriage, as it does to the perils of smoking.
Nelson is about to prove forever the health benefits of cured pork products.
Salary and benefits are based on qualifications and experience of the selected candidates.
But the practice is relatively common among animals and is now understood to yield important health benefits.
But even these old-fashioned types might see the benefits of modern technology.
Details of salary and benefits will be emailed upon request.
Both print and digital subscribers enjoy the benefits of full digital access.
The new regulations, if they take effect, will drastically alter a large market whose policies vary widely in their benefits.
If that's the problem, the simplest solution is not the get rid of immigrants, but to make them ineligible for benefits.
Regardless of who benefits more as a business, this certainly a big win for readers.
But that sum does not include an unusually structured retirement plan that is part of his benefits.
At the same time, benefits are generous in the public sector.
Water conservation benefits both you and the environment.
Sustainable packaging not only benefits the environment but can also cut costs.
But these benefits are not factored into farm prices.
In our situation, our whole focus is on delivering benefits to people.
Scientists expect enormous benefits for humankind from the surge of research on embryonic stem cells.
Benefits are linked to annuity rates, protecting both the scheme and the pensioners from annuity risk.
Both intensive and extensive green roofs share a common set of benefits.
Even though it is a non-native species, it benefits to the environment offsets the non-native aspect.
It's not that the growth in benefits from technology has stagnated.
Studies have found this leads to lower fat storage and lower cholesterol levels, among other benefits.
Private companies have played a big part in delivering the benefits of globalisation.
What the moon gardening movement currently lacks is a body of modern scientific work that validates its benefits.
There are many benefits to this heritage beyond simple entertainment value.
Studies show that no matter how long you've been a smoker, quitting has major and immediate health benefits.
In fact, much of the data supporting solid benefits from positive thinking is weak.
He also wanted the long-term benefits that these goods could bring his people.
For picking off pimples, few reliable studies exist to show clear benefits of one treatment over another.
The benefits of energy use are as profound as they are obvious-human comfort, health, and commerce depend upon it.
In your judgment virtue requires no reward, and is to be sought for itself, unaccompanied by external benefits.
The surprising benefits, to oneself and to society, of living alone.
But any of the benefits to the markets would surely be diminished by the cost to the ecosystem, wildlife and tourism.
Contemplating the heavens has earthly benefits, he adds.
But he sees other benefits, too, such as making cars and trucks more energy efficient and traffic jams less likely.
When a country's health improves, it sees tremendous benefits in all sorts of areas, including lower birthrates.
The benefits of salicylic acid as a pain reliever and fever reducer had been understood since antiquity.
Buy it now and enjoy the health benefits of quick-sealed, deep-fried, low-fat food.
Surely the distribution of the benefits is also relevant.
Yet the perceived benefits of attending college go well beyond dollars.
It will include a stipend, relocation funds, and health benefits.
It is appealing to be able to work in a company full-time with benefits and such, rather than taking contract work.
Moreover, the financial benefits can amount to a semester or more of tuition saved.
Online education will be part of the future, but on-site instruction brings benefits beyond the obvious.
Benefits include medical insurance and housing allowance.
Yet everyone involved in the transaction benefits except the donor.
The fellowships do not carry health insurance or other benefits.
She says the bureau also benefits from partnerships with the private sector.
Unemployment benefits provide a small amount of help to a number of people who desperately need it.
It should be noted that studies on the health benefits of vitamins and minerals have some important limitations.
They have a system that spreads benefits absolutely evenly among all their members.
Third, a team of factors are depressing the wages and benefits of our workforce.
There are economic benefits to be gained from immigration.
The system has delivered enormous benefits for those at the top, but incomes at the bottom have stagnated, or even declined.
In these cases, tax revenues are pooled to pay for general services, not individual benefits.
Marriage has few well-being benefits over cohabitation.
Add up all the benefits that dogs provide us and compare that sum with the costs, and it is not a rational bargain on our part.
Of course, there are also intangible benefits to employee morale by letting people spend more time at home and less in the office.
The higher your degree, the lower your salary and benefits compared to your educational peers.
Theoretically, when employers pay lower health benefits, they pay higher wages.
But risks and benefits look different depending on where you're sitting.
Each company would come up with a list of standard benefits, which it would have to offer at the same price to all customers.
But then another cost results: you have to pay the salaries and benefits of those new employees.
York's first claim, that my essay overstated the climate benefits of pasture-based farming, misses the mark in several ways.
Some economists are beginning to doubt the benefits of free trade.
And there are still other benefits: opportunities for parks and recreational areas.
Something deeper is happening: it's the rise of a shadow job market without benefits or proper accounting.
We should ensure this by paying a high wage and good benefits to those workers.
Researchers have long argued about whether this kind of selfless behavior, known as altruism, directly benefits the helper.
Even some environmental benefits are not a sure thing.
If a compound useful to science is found, the financial benefits will flow back to the network that provided the initial samples.
Ask your students if there are any benefits to being a multilingual speaker.
These modifications typically have intended results, usually immediate human benefits.
Its benefits come with consequences-called light pollution-whose effects scientists are only now beginning to study.
Preserving the dragons and their habitat, for example, benefits the community by bringing tourist revenues.
Studying indigenous languages therefore benefits environmental understanding and conservation efforts.
The majority of hairless mammals are semi-aquatic, probably because hair offers no insulating benefits under water.
To get these wood-burning benefits, cities can't rely on ordinary furnaces.
The workers received generous state health benefits at first, but the payments were later cut back.
He means that sitting up straight will seem weird at first, but after a week or two you will feel the benefits.
Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits of this building style, there are engineering advantages.
Benefits from some of the best land-preservation programs in the nation.
Benefits are typically paid out in a lump sum once the employee leaves or retires.
The benefits of new technologies-from genetically engineered food to the wonders of pharmaceuticals-often have been oversold.
The second thing about these breaks is that their social benefits are pretty much nonexistent.
Extending unemployment benefits was also an excellent use of stimulus funds, since that money tends to get spent immediately.
Only a fraction of the workforce receives unemployment benefits, while pensions are underfunded and haphazardly administered.
Now the part-time actors would have to work three months out of every ten, for only eight months of benefits.
More than seven hundred workers lost their jobs, health insurance, and some of their retirement benefits.
No, because the benefits of fibre clearly outweigh its drawbacks.
And their health benefits are often quite inadequate.
In an effort to cut costs, the board let go longtime staff and adjusted benefits to the children of faculty.
Using plastic to channel aid and benefits is a growing global trend.
It must not cut pension benefits for today's retirees or for those nearing retirement.
Its members enjoy pay and benefits matched by few other manual workers.
Worries about the imbalance between rural and urban benefits may be harder to brush away.
Public employees receive substantially lower wages, but much better benefits than their private sector counterparts.
They're bargaining against everybody who pays taxes and/or benefits from government spending.
The long-run benefits of such schemes, however, remain unclear.
Driven by fiscal desperation, governments will increasingly steel themselves to alter the way benefits work.
The mining companies point out the huge benefits the project brings in terms of employment, tax revenue and foreign exchange.
Getting the private sector to build and run prisons has brought tangible benefits.
Studies are now under way to quantify their benefits.
And the cognitive benefits are turning up on a number of measures that tap into cognitive flexibility.
In the quest for longer life, scientists are trying to find the genes of longevity and bottle their benefits for all.
Two new studies, looking at cinnamon and fish oil, point out both the drawbacks and benefits of dietary supplements.
But they now recognize the cognitive benefits of playing video games: pattern recognition, system thinking, even patience.
There are lots of benefits that will flow from this ongoing transformation.
For now, the benefits of a plug-in and all-electric vehicle fleet reside largely in the realm of theory.
Nevertheless, they do not often realize that there are additional benefits to losing weight additionally.
In the case of the cryptic prophages, even though the viral genes stay put, the bacterium still reaps the benefits.
As a scientist, he had to say yes-if only for the potential medical benefits of the information.
There were some obvious survival benefits from left-right symmetry.
For these people many of the nominal benefits of a traditional college education are moot.
Even so, they do not continually realize that there are other benefits to losing weight in addition.
The benefits of that are that the science is open and accessible to all.
If the conference were to result in any significant action, the benefits would outweigh the cost by many orders of magnitude.
Only if conception occurs, however, do the evolutionary benefits of such a strategy overcome its costs.
It would generate substantial revenues while bringing so many long-run economic and environmental benefits.
And yet they were demanding that the workers give up baseline benefits, such as health care and pensions.
People once thrilled by the potential benefits of change are dumbfounded by its actual and obvious costs.
The information flood has also brought enormous benefits to science.
But he did let his hair grow, and presumably enjoyed the benefits of the post-pill era.
He received two benefits-of-the-doubt from official scorers on plays that might have been judged as errors.
If that's the case, it would add to the growing list of statins' unexpected benefits.
We've heard a lot about the health benefits of tea, especially green tea.
But there have been unexpected benefits as well, even for people who aren't state employees.
Scientists say that the research might also point to the long-sought source of caloric restriction's life-extending benefits.
The benefits are clear, such as easy, on-demand access to huge computing resources.
With extreme couponing the benefits are concentrated but the costs are still spread to everyone else.
The grid upgrade may also face resistance from regulators because some of the benefits are difficult to measure.
The purported benefits: fewer hospital visits, better care, and much lower costs.
The benefits of capitalism spread more widely among the population.
The benefits could extend beyond electricity savings for building owners.
Relatively mild conditions should deliver two benefits, he says.
There are a number of benefits that come with the new technology that aren't available with today's portable printers, he adds.
Reducing material cost, mounting cost, and cost and complexity of tracking are all big potential benefits.
Explicitly remembered information includes ad slogans, product benefits, and website addresses.
Electric vehicle players are already scrambling to capture the benefits.
Phase-change memory has many of the benefits of flash, such as its ruggedness and small size.
Peering into cells while they stay in the incubator has a number of benefits.
Right now the entertainment industry, for one, benefits from these outdated laws.
By reducing risk with creative measures benefits us all.
Methane leaks during production may offset climate benefits of natural gas.
Thus they can justify reducing salaries, benefits, and random firing of workers as a means of creating a more healthy society.
Trial researcher alleges paper exaggerated antidepressant benefits.
And it hasn't been clear whether they'd offer the same benefits to people.
Few people dispute the potential benefits of hydrogen technology.
One of the benefits of these forums is that once you get past the garbage, there are often well thought out points and responses.
Small manufacturers could get similar benefits from these tools, if only they had access to them.
Some benefits of learning may include development of context-specific calls.
But when the control group started striding to songs six months in, they gained the same benefits.
The benefits are subject to income tax withholding and employment taxes.
Use this site to compare the costs, benefits, and features of different plans.
Employee benefits play an important role in the lives of employees as well as their families.
Environmental, economic, and social benefits of green building.

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