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She thought that regular exercise would be beneficial.
Philanthropy and charity only function when they are beneficial to the donor.
If you encourage them, birds and beneficial insects will devour many insect pests.
If you need harmony and respect in your own life, maybe a cup of carefully prepared and considered green tea will be beneficial.
Like many, though, I wondered whether breaking my habit would be entirely beneficial.
Ambition is equally as risky as it is beneficial.
If you are not on a campus that offers such support, an online writing group might be beneficial to you.
Judging from one of the largest surveys of psychotherapy to date, most Americans who try psychotherapy think it is beneficial.
Walking is one of the most popular and beneficial exercises.
He suggests turning confrontational politics into a mutually beneficial alliance, which he believes both countries are ready for.
One way to be certain that beneficial insects inhabit your garden is to introduce them yourself.
If you find grubs, treat your lawn with beneficial parasitic nematodes.
Included in the growing roster of potentially beneficial sponge molecules are ones that fight inflammation and cell division.
Nothing was designed to be particularly helpful or beneficial to cars.
The horses are beneficial to the range in every respect and fit beautifully into the ecosystem.
And other to whom they have been beneficial, they call their friends.
Clearly the attraction which disease has for diseased people is beneficial to the race.
They must be of beneficial consequence to the communities that have historically nurtured them.
Having both perspectives at our management meetings is beneficial to the whole campus.
Who knows, the new relationship might prove beneficial to you as well.
Progress and change are beneficial in many cases, but not always.
Articulating learning outcomes is, as someone suggested, beneficial because it makes the implicit explicit.
So, breastfeeding for a few months is generally considered as beneficial as breastfeeding until they go to college.
Teaching experience is also beneficial, especially at the college level.
Ensuring that your car has a full tank of gas at the start of trip is beneficial because gas stations are scarce along the route.
Pepper spray is toxic to a broad spectrum of invertebrates including beneficial insects.
Beneficial kitchen scraps include fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grinds and crushed egg shells.
Encourage beneficial insects and arachnids that prey on spider mites.
Discuss the reasons why plants are beneficial to people, according to this video.
Despite the fear they sometimes evoke, wasps are extremely beneficial to humans.
However, some scientists theorize that aeolian dust may have beneficial effects.
Training in the discipline of geography is beneficial in all of these specialties.
Somewhat paradoxically, research also shows that it may be beneficial to speed up slightly when fatigue strikes.
So dollars spent on the charismatic panda can have an equally beneficial effect on the obscure giant salamander.
Not everyone agrees that this is beneficial, however.
The beneficial effects of art therapy sometimes seem immediate.
Natural vegetable oils are beneficial not only for your health but also for your skin.
On the beneficial side, moister weather could raise agricultural yields.
They can also serve as a beneficial additive to gardens and compost piles.
They've found that kind of management is beneficial to them.
Good to know that these were made with beneficial purpose.
Studies have shown that wine can be beneficial to health, but is unhealthy when consumed quickly and in large amounts.
For small brands fighting for recognition in crowded markets, almost any publicity is beneficial, he reckons.
Now, during recessions, this incentive effect tends to be far less important than the beneficial effects of unemployment benefits.
Antibiotics may rid the colon not only of harmful bacteria, but also of the beneficial ones that normally live there.
Putting money towards space programs can be a beneficial approach for many reasons.
It is as beneficial to the donor as it is to the recipient.
Crucially, the beneficial effects spilled over into areas where fishing was still permitted.
They found that a large adult head size was beneficial in preventing cognitive decline, in particular memory.
The drugs can then be tweaked in order to boost the beneficial effects and reduce the harmful ones.
Even where the open-source model is not adopted, however, it can still have beneficial effects.
Economically, the policy seems to have had beneficial effects at acceptable costs.
But the two firms' mutually beneficial trading relationship continues.
In fact, diluted bleach baths have been shown to be beneficial for eczema sufferers.
One is that playing violent computer games can have beneficial effects.
Yes, finding the truth about many things can be beneficial, but people have rights.
Although some of these barriers were undoubtedly beneficial, they also hugely increased costs both for the bank and its borrowers.
Beneficial oils typically produced by fish can now be manufactured by mammals, according to a new report.
Regular exercise leads to numerous and varied physiological changes that are beneficial from a health standpoint.
Propranolol, a beta blocker drug, has no beneficial effect on the symptoms of hangover.
Evolutionary medicine has long served to explain how some genes can be harmful in one context but beneficial in another.
Maybe it also contains some beneficial substances in its body so that scientists can discover new treatments for humans.
On the long run, it might beneficial for our children or grandchildren.
Phosphorus mining has a beneficial side and a disturbing side.
He believes that behavioral norms might be beneficial for social animals during a crisis.
Parents have known for umpteen generations about sleep being beneficial, indeed essential for infants to grow.
Further, probiotics-dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial microbes-have been shown to boost immunity.
The portfolio effect is beneficial for fishermen, too.
While this is beneficial, it is not the major impact of bariatric surgery.
Genes that code for beneficial traits are favored, but genes come in big groups with lots of other genes.
As promising and beneficial as a wholesale app store sounds, it would be naive to expect it to arrive anytime soon.
The experiment is less about the squid and more about the beneficial bacteria that skitter about in the sea creature's body.
But in certain cases, they're actually quite beneficial, and perhaps it's time to recognize that.
The researchers say sleeping pills do increase spindles, but they may interfere with other beneficial sleep stages.
From a social point of view, it's beneficial that homeownership encourages commitment to a given town or city.
It turned out that the incentives they were reacting to weren't socially beneficial, but they definitely reacted to them.
Neither condition is beneficial to a professional athlete.
Today, scientists insist that the compounds that give bitter taste to some vegetables are in fact beneficial to our own health.
It's not nearly as beneficial as the popular literature suggests.
The table below shows several types of phytochemicals, their possible beneficial effects, and food sources of each.
There will be obvious and beneficial impacts on the computing and telecommunications industries.
And study after study shows that homework is not much more beneficial in middle school either.
His entrance into national politics was a fluke-albeit, if he runs, an enormously beneficial one.
What is surprising, however, is how psychologically beneficial these new activities are for a key new group: the elderly.
Unsaturated fats appear to have beneficial effects on health and are even used in the treatment of heart disease and diabetes.
It would be more beneficial that you didn't show up in the first place.
Of course online learning is a beneficial supplement to face-to-face instruction.
They were looking for regions in the genome where a beneficial mutation is carried by everyone in a population.
After a few weeks, he reported that it had no beneficial effect either.
He found that friendly bacteria thrive in the appendix, suggesting that the organ is a haven for beneficial microbes.
Eventually, microscopy enabled scientists to identify lichens as composites of mutually beneficial fungi and algae.
The salamanders and the algae co-existed in a mutually beneficial relationship.
Researchers aren't sure why the treatment may be having a beneficial effect on autistic kids.
That's been beneficial because it probably improves spatial skills.
Sometimes the way they're wired can be beneficial in some areas and difficult in others.
Beneficial gut bacteria can become virus collaborators.
When antibiotics work, only the beneficial bacteria grow back.
Imagine there's a beneficial mutation that makes a fish more resistant to diseases.
According to evolutionary theory, beneficial genetic changes are more quickly established in a population if it is larger.
The law would have had a much more beneficial effect if educators had reacted with more insight to its provisions.
Leaving out of sight concomitants and beneficial consequences, let us ask what progress is in itself.
All the evidence suggests that a tidal barrage would have beneficial effect on the estuary ecosystem.
The longer it is open the more mistakes can happen in its favor, the more likely beneficial mutations can occur.
The larger the site, the more data, the more beneficial to its members.
Earlier experiments involved inserting beneficial genes only to treat disease, not to cure it.
It's true that as temperatures warm, there is likely to be a temporary beneficial effect on agriculture.
They can actually have a beneficial influence on bureaucracies that generally try to protect their behinds from being criticized.
So in the east, there is a manageable and potentially highly beneficial opportunity for humanitarian intervention.
Some new alternatives are proving to be beneficial, too.
Meet with important people for a mutually beneficial plan.

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