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Example sentences for benediction

We joined a long line of Tibetans filing through the throne room to receive the benediction.
Then he gave me the benediction by touching my head with two fingers.
The snow fell, swirling and blanketing the stage, like a benediction.
Love becomes a pilgrimage, a prayer, a ritual and a benediction.
Lifting his right hand, he was in the act of giving the benediction.
Before the benediction of these heavenly words it is of another nature, after the consecration it is the body.
Mankind needs a world-wide benediction of understanding.
No gloomy spirit could refuse to listen to its lullaby, and the spray baptized it with the subtile benediction of a cheerier mood.
The wilderness, which had admitted us with benediction, with benediction let us go.
Others, however, don't see the papal benediction quite so benignly.
But the form needed a blockbuster and a benediction from the critics.
The appearance presented has been compared to the apostles with extended arms bestowing the benediction.

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