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Beneath its surface, a transformation is taking place.
Warm, moist air over tropical or subtropical seas rises, causing a zone of lower air pressure beneath it.
Some even began to place bouquets of flowers beneath the spot where the painting once resided.
Beneath the laboratory curiosities lurked an explosive idea.
Yet beneath such squeamishness, an undercurrent of relative pride still pulses, defiantly.
The refracted colors are from a plastic tablecloth beneath the dish.
Victims of the disease sometimes see the worm moving beneath their skin as it prepares to break the surface.
The landscape is slowly becoming more open and green, the prairie reappearing from beneath the plant.
Absorb the park's immense beauty by spending a night beneath the stars.
Beneath the nervous clatter of our half-completed decade stirs a slow but seismic shift.
Less desirable are the earthquake faults that lie beneath the coastal state.
Those of us pacing beneath listen to him grunt and huff.
We stand admiring it as it is now, a beautiful wreck beneath an ivy veil.
But beneath the techno-speak and the climate predictions run a deeper current and a bigger set of questions.
They fail because beneath the chaos are political problems that soldiers cannot unpick.
Huge flames erupt beneath your rocket as it blasts off.
Scientists have posited that a portion of it evaporated into the atmosphere, but that the rest lies beneath the surface.
From beneath the boat, a sighing, almost mournful sound rises into the air.
There's a rocker switch on the pen that sits beneath your fingertips.
He is apparently a curmudgeon who thinks everyone is intellectually beneath him.
And much of the substance beneath the slogans is similar too.
More important, they yield new clues to the study of human habitations that now lie beneath the waves.
Visitors to this area often enjoy digging for selenite crystals in the ground beneath the crusty layer of salt.
Beneath the fancy operating system on your computer, there is another operating system.
The government's actions lie hidden beneath hundreds of tonnes of secrecy, and beyond easy measurement.
The high temperature area is believed to mark a large lake of lava beneath the solidified crust.
Each satellite has a small footprint, so its bandwidth can be used only in the narrow geographical area beneath it.
Viewers are encouraged to donate money and participate in an online chat visible beneath the streaming lecture.
Scientists theorize that a layer beneath the surface in these areas was once soaked with water long enough to form the spherules.
Its paths led to sculpture gardens and satellite patios tucked beneath shade trees.
No longer trapped beneath ice, diverse life could emerge.
But beneath the surface they can have striking consequences.
Under deeper cover, it can disappear beneath the sponges and other marine life it uses to adorn its shell.
Fog and lasers reveal the wind beneath a bat's wings.
And the bark beneath the white lichen that always covers it is reddish too.
Most divers, even highly trained ones, lose a certain percentage of their land skills once they dip beneath the water's surface.
My watch was still on the floor beneath the glove compartment.
But beneath the cyclical rhythms, the crisis has left its mark.
Sylvia walks home alone, teetering beneath a tower of student papers.
She must be hoping this row can be buried quickly beneath the debate around the budget over the coming week.
If exploration attempts do find the predicted oil, drilling beneath the ice poses another hurdle.
Water runs through a pipe hidden beneath the channel's river rocks to a catchment pond at the far end.
Breathing is a rich experience for a group of unusual microbes that typically live deep beneath the sea.
Hidden beneath the ocean waves lies a ticking time bomb.
Scientists are probing beneath the surface of the body's largest organ.
The hotter the roof, the more energy it takes to cool the building beneath it.
Tables beneath huge cottonwoods provide perfect picnic spots.
Use landscape fabric to cover the ground beneath the box.
There's seating on the top and bottom levels, and storage beneath the deck for the couple's canoes.
Two-in flowers appear beneath the leaves in late spring.
Yellow wood is deep rooted, so you can grow other plants beneath it.
Because the bubbler does little more than stir the water, there's no need for a reservoir beneath the bowl.
As such, it boasted an array of special acoustic gear meant to help it visualize the complex world beneath the pack ice.
Our scientists regularly slip from the bright familiar world to the dimmer one awaiting discovery beneath the waves.
Yet beneath the bandages, globalisation is thriving.
He understood that sympathy, and the sea of old guilt that lies beneath it.
The clues lie buried in the ground and beneath the waves.
Off the ship that's disintegrating beneath your feet.
But they can also stand still, trapping the weather beneath them.
Yet the penguins are equally at home beneath the ice.
Where the land doesn't sheer away beneath you, it rises in steep needle points.
The wind in your face, the wind at your back, the wind beneath your wings.
The machine exposes anything concealed beneath clothing, including plastic explosives stored in body cavities.
The ice sheet is so heavy that it depresses the ground beneath it.
We did this to motivate students to reach deep within themselves to find that genius that has been lurking beneath the surface.
The smuggler slowly pulls an object wrapped in a towel from beneath his shirt.
It provides a clue to the processes beneath our feet.
The tsunami rearranged the town: in the mud beneath a blackened hull lies a string of pearls.
The sarcophagus had long been believed buried beneath the church's main altar.
There is a fascinating and tremendously important discussion beneath this about the nature of freedom.
For beneath a veneer of resilience, the world economy is becoming increasingly fragile.
They hide from predators by diving beneath the water's surface, where they can stay for up to five minutes.
Locate the batteries under the mat beneath the car's rear hatch.
The painting's steel frame was severely bent, and part of the wood beneath the paint had cracked.
It is beneath contempt, and is sufficient justification for immediate revocation of said degree.
Beneath it all, there is the sentiment that all of our money is shared.
The college and department described above are beneath contempt.
But beneath the headline figures, the details are less glittery.
But beneath this gentle exterior lurks a truly ambitious vision.
Beneath awnings, hundreds of tents line the pavements in neat rows.
The cost of debt falls too, since creditors have a bigger buffer beneath them.
Engineers are now installing a set of superconducting power cables beneath its streets.
But this spring the same skyline became crisp, often beneath blue skies and innocuous white clouds.
The euphemism now lies buried beneath the rubble of reality.
Look beneath the surface to see the drilling technique that producers use to unlock the natural gas in shale rock.
Thus shielded, the bay offers sanctuary to the life within it and beauty to those who come to look beneath the surface.
They all hide a tumultuous geologic history beneath their level disguise.
Expect warm weather but pleasantly cool hiking beneath the redwoods.
The shiitake log, beneath a plate and topped with a weight to keep it from floating.
Tendrils of mist drop from the cloud, slipping into canyons beneath the rim, veiling the cliffs.
Far up gleams the house, and beneath flows the river.
They are the ones with the money to travel, for few live beneath the eclipse track.
But never fear, the ground beneath your feet is not draining away into a cosmic sinkhole.
But, at the same time, tapping the hot rocks deep beneath the surface could provide a strong and renewable source of power.
They sent each mouse through a water maze that required it to find a platform obscured beneath the surface of murky water.
Beneath the surface slabs of the largest megalithic structure was a sculptured rock resembling a standing cow.
Because beneath their rocky exteriors, some terrestrial planets may be half diamond.
Beneath the diverging air, surface pressure drops and an equatorial trough develops.
There is no market yet for turbines that turn the tides into a source of energy from deep beneath the sea.
The rain forest understory is made up of smaller and younger trees that are widely spaced beneath the canopy.
But a room with a view beneath the ocean is another matter all together.
They have a red bit that sticks out from the top of their heads-the comb-and another that dangles beneath their chin-the wattle.
When a dog wasn't watching, he hid a treat beneath one of two plastic cups.
But the city, along with the archaeological artifacts still buried beneath it, is slated to become a sunken treasure.
He also used side-scan sonar, which throws down an acoustic signal to create a picture of everything beneath the boat.
The article omitted the pain involved with cutting the body and what happens beneath the surface.
Beneath a creamy layer of tapioca pudding lurks a silky strawberry base.
The toasted crumbs on top have a cheesy crispness, and the pasta beneath is creamy and rich.
Those coals beneath the grill aren't the only things smoldering.
Gray hair mushrooms from beneath his gold-crested captain's hat.
Head past the museum, until you will see a row of carts with food steaming beneath tiny light bulbs.
Though not as handsome and rustic as a wooden peel, the metal version slides beneath pies more easily.
Here beneath each question we've told you which answer is correct, and explained why.
He could feel the delicate framework of bones beneath her flesh.
Before us the vast acreage of junk cars stretched on beneath a sky that was the hazy bluish-gray of a blank video screen.
More than two-thirds of the population lives beneath the poverty line, subsisting on less than a dollar a day.
As they drew closer, the wind receded and the shallow rocks appeared, yellow and white beneath the surface.
If other logs came surging along and turned his log beneath him he calmly stepped onto the nearest one and kept going.
For a small fraction of that cost the farm workers now sleeping outdoors beneath plastic tarps could be provided with housing.
From time to time a hollow murmur underground or a sudden spirt of flame into the air tells of what is going on beneath our feet.
So long as theories of trading patterns could be developed, it wouldn't matter what lies beneath a ticker symbol.
He remembers when the ground began to shift beneath him.
Reading levels were a year, and often two years, beneath the national norm.
But as usual in such cases, there was much more in the way of causes lying beneath the surface.
But beneath the cheery veneer, there are hints at the painful challenges of the situation.
There, her hand met the dagger concealed beneath her dress.
Beneath the constant pep talks is a rueful sense of moral exhaustion.
She was lost beneath the surface for thirty minutes before her parents found her on the pond bottom and pulled her up.
He weights down the edges so that no air can get beneath the tarpaulin, then he swims underneath it.
Ten feet beneath him, at the bottom of the ramp, a cameraman is lying on his back in order to shoot from below.
But beneath the idyllic surface is a darkly modern tale of obsession and paranoia fueled by instruments of a digital age.
They sink beneath the water in slow increments, covered with rot and barnacles.
It skittered across the floor and disappeared beneath the bed.
But a look beneath the surface of our system shows that innovation is not confined to the double-latte set.
The map behind me zooms in on the area beneath my palm.
When that happens the event horizon disappears and the exotic object beneath emerges.
Much of the language in this section maintains the neutral tone of a report, with angry ironies noted beneath the surface.
Beneath the gilt and glitter, it has been transformed into a fantastically unpredictable space.
It shows how subjugated the people are beneath him and how fearful they are.
Seedy hotel rooms were quieter then, more media-sparse, enabling guests to hear the ticktock beneath their own thoughts.
Yet beneath this upper crust of high culture there simmers a less appetizing stew.
As the demand for oil surges, companies push farther under the ocean, finding a bonanza of crude far beneath the ocean.
But beneath that veneer of familiarity hides a radical rethinking of the way engineers do business.
Hidden beneath those shelves are sheltered waters that until recently had been almost entirely unexplored.
Yet almost none live beneath the surface of the open sea.
Suddenly, beneath the table, you feel someone's foot on top of your own.
Radar peers beneath clothes to find weapons-and the perfect pair of jeans.
She propped herself on her elbows to see, the table paper crinkling beneath her.
In addition to its natural beauty, three treasures are said to be hidden beneath its blue water.
If he didn't have heart problems, the esophagus-the other organ beneath the sternum-might provide some clues.
It's no surprise that beneath their shining armor, knights shimmered with sweat.
As the container moves, a nozzle at the bottom flings paint on a piece of paper on the ground beneath it.
It's a squirrel, standing up, with a surprisingly huge pair of testicles dangling beneath him.
For him, the real drama of the marsh lies beneath the surface in the life of its invisible inhabitants: the parasites.
It had raced up his jaw and curved beneath the floor of his mouth, giving him the look of a mutant chipmunk.
Greed was calculated by comparing average incomes with the total number of inhabitants living beneath the poverty line.
Beneath a bowling ball's urethane shell lies a dense core of polyester infused with calcium carbonate or barium sulfate.

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