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But they have encouraged the bending of definitions and the turning of blind eyes.
You'll also need pliers for bending wire over twig bundles.
These questions have been bending our minds for thousands of years.
Cooked fast and cleaned with a swipe with no bending.
The bending pumps hydraulic fluid through a motor, which generates electricity.
The people on the dock laughed when he played with a boat's hose, bending it around so it squirted straight up in the air.
Think five days of high divides, mind-bending views, and crystalline alpine lakes.
All this bending helps your eyes focus, or see a clear image.
That's because the same light-bending properties that would create an invisibility shield could also be used in reverse.
Such visible evidence of gravity bending light in space may help scientists map otherwise invisible dark matter.
Anyone who engages in heavy lifting should take precautions when lifting and bending.
When it comes to the children of particularly rich donors, the bending-over-backwards reaches astonishing levels.
It cannot be seen to be bending to foreign pressure.
Meanwhile, they are bending over backwards to avoid seeming extravagant.
Bending large slabs metal and digging coal are trades best left to those less advanced economies where manual labour is abundant.
Probably not the best example of government as third-party payer bending the cost curve down.
Get ready for some really weird, genre-bending movies.
It was a tip-off to season three's time-bending finale.
His crew follows three high school robotics teams as they compete in the metal bending world of combat robotics.
She laughed, and bending over the sheet of paper which he had laid on his note-case, began to write.
He showed her a wild apple-tree, with the boughs bending under the weight of the fruit.
The next goal was to determine the antenna's performance when the wearer was moving around or bending.
The presidential campaign season is upon us and so we'd better be prepared for some political hyperbole and truth-bending.
Pondering the mysteries of those microseconds, readers sent some mind-bending questions.
Artists find mind-bending ways to bring visual illusions called impossible figures into three-dimensional reality.
Psychopaths also may enjoy lying, and even when caught will persist in bending the truth.
They are interested in bending the definition of the labels used through repeated use of untruth.
Frankly, what is knowledge is not brain washing else mind bending.
The bending of sunlight by the raindrops is the key to forming colorful rainbows.
Your computer monitor should be set so your eyes meet the middle of the screen without bending your neck.
Turn by bending one knee near the ground then slide that foot backwards.
No bending over to adjust the slipper back to get your feet in.
It was in these trials that he started bending the truth about evidence.
But sensing that someone was bending close to listen, she blushed and broke into giggles.
Bus sits crooked to one side, his hands bone-bunches in his lap, head bending.
There was a bending of the rod, followed by a slight tug, characteristics shared with the snaring of any other sea creature.
Bending the proton beam requires large magnets that can weigh hundreds of tons.
Bending the truth a bit for the purpose of selling a product is an age-old art.
He understood what physics he was bending, in order to make a good story possible.
But it is tiny, and wrinkled, the lava of long-exhausted volcanoes furrowing and bending the landscape this way and that.
Bending before authority exceeded all previously known bounds.
It's incredible to me that some people still buy into psychic spoon-bending.
Researchers are again using mind-bending drugs as a means of treating mental disorders.
The sheet can deform either by stretching or by bending.
Being thin, it is typically less resistant to bending.
They even manufactured tools, bending a wire to make a hook to pull a bucket holding food out of a tube.
Halos form when ice crystals in the air refract the light from a bright source, bending it back toward you.
If a planet has a magnetic field, it can deflect the particles, bending them and guiding them down onto the planet.
On the way, he stopped at a river and tried bending down to unlace his boots so he could go in the water.
Immediately a list of mind-bending substances--some legal, some not--popped into my head.
They gradually became increasingly asymmetric and backward-bending, culminating in the flexible versions of early birds.
When a fish swims forward, there's a bending movement at the base of the head, and the wave travels down the fish's body.
In other words, the energy that goes into the bending is stored in the fibers and then released again.
Both could potentially be used as a pretext to oust the current civilian leadership, which is showing no signs of bending.
Two of the great narrative arcs of the series are bending toward each other, and when they meet, current will flow.

Famous quotes containing the word bending

We have bathed, where none have seen us, In the lake and in the fountain, Underneath the charmed statue Of the timid, more
The train rounds, bending to a scream, Taking the final level for the dive Under the river—... more
The American people is out to get the kaiser. We are bending every nerve and every energy towards that end;... more
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