bended in a sentence

Example sentences for bended

Getting down on bended knee doesn't appear to be required, nor does capitalization.
Countless will this weekend go on bended knee and surprise girlfriends with a diamond engagement ring.
Now we're seeing it: an attempt to stand tall on bended knees.
Her backbone was a bended bow for arrows in her eye.
It will have specialists take care of every detail of an engagement, except for the bended-knee part.
They are going to have to come to us on bended knees.
There was the requisite group hug, as well as the standard bended-knee team prayer in the infield.
Peasant erect is taller than peasant on bended knee.
No more bended-knee deference to unilateral executive authority.

Famous quotes containing the word bended

The aspect of nature is devout. Like the figure of Jesus, she stands with bended head, and hands folded upo... more
Power is, in nature, the essential measure of right. Nature suffers nothing to remain in her kingdoms which cannot help ... more
Give me mine angle, we'll to th' river; there, My music playing far off, I will betray Tawny-finned fishes; my ben... more
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