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Example sentences for bemused

In her casual pantsuit, she could easily be mistaken for a bemused tourist.
I'm amused and even a bit bemused by all the excitement.
The charges have elicited bemused and befuddled reactions from many.
The couple spends an idyllic three days as newlyweds, although Miles is bemused to realize he knows very little about his wife.
She has the same bemused, irreverent, mischievous manner that he does.
The father was bemused, the son earnest.
Such a reversal of the usual pattern of corporate efficiency programs leaves the reader bemused, enlightened and nearly convinced.
This second volume of verse finds her less aggressive, mixing her hostilities and anxieties with a newly bemused nostalgia.
He is slightly rumpled, chronically bemused.
His gray hair flips forward, his middle reveals a slight paunch and his face has the air of a slightly bemused choirboy.
Many visitors to the exhibition were no doubt impelled to attend by the sometimes bemused, but finally warm, critical reaction.
Thank you for the chance to vent this bit of bemused irritation.
Dreams of new glories to flow from territorial expansion bemused many minds.
Now he seemed bemused by questions that he should have easily anticipated, and his answers made him seem glib, or uninformed.
She was there from the first sentence, bemused and professionally interested.
Beaming, he informed the bemused stall-holder that his wares were first-rate.
Undeterred, he crept into the cemetery under cloak of darkness with a bemused sculptor in tow.
The stall-holders are somewhat bemused at my appearance.
They are surrounded by hypermarkets in their towns and are bemused by the current imbroglio.
Even in this occasionally stilted early film, the director's bemused intelligence comes through.
But the outcome can be a job candidate's feeling bemused and ambushed.
His poems tie together memories of family and friends and examine nostalgias with a kind of quiet, bemused remove.
There's another one that rhymes with bemused that's often misused perused.
But it was a breezy, bemused account that had something my reporting lacked: perspective.

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We are bemused and crazed creatures, strangers to our true selves, to one another, and to the spiritual and... more
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