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Example sentences for belt course

But it is now obvious this feature is the stone belt course.
The upper story is sheathed in weatherboard atop a plain frame belt course.
The tower and market are unified by the belt course encircling them.
The second through the fourth stories are framed between six brick pilasters that terminate into a corbelled belt course.
The stairs are flanked by rock faced ashlar stone walls that evolve into a raised water table capped by a continuous belt course.
Beneath the windows are recessed wood panels which extend down to the stone belt course.
There is an unornamented three-course belt course between the first and second floors.
Topping the structure is a bracketed cornice and belt course.
The house has a beveled water table and gauged, flat, belt course.
The apex of these corners has a rope design extending from the bottom of each towers' roof to the top of the belt course.
There is a projecting belt course and a cornice with recessed panels decorated with carved stone swags.
The end pavilions are two bays wide and have a hipped roof and a simple belt course at the second floor level.
There is a belt course of brick, continuing on all four sides, that separates the first and second floors.
Above both storefronts is a belt course of yellow glazed soldier and sailor brick courses.
As in the east wing the granite belt course extends from the main block around the perimeter of this wing.
The corners and piers are outlined with vermiculated blocks and lion heads enrich the belt course and cornice lines.
The cornice area is separated from the second story by a stone belt course.
The terminating story is set apart from the shaft by a side, molded belt course.
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