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Main-belt comets reside in the asteroid belt but feature cometlike tails thought to arise from sublimating ice.
The conveyor belt piece of the system floats on the surface of the ocean.
Cows walk onto a conveyor belt where they are quickly killed by a six-inch bolt shot into the head.
Clipped onto a belt or carried in a knapsack, the entire generator is contained within a regular battery casing.
Known model, instead of the asteroid belt was a planet that blown up by its inhabitants.
It doesn't make a lot of sense to juxtapose family belt-tightening and federal belt-tightening.
He's called for belt-tightening, then more stimulus, then more belt-tightening.
After several years, the inner-belt electron density would return to normal, the model suggests.
The asteroid belt is littered with debris from crashes between giant rocks but a collision has never before been seen to happen.
The irony of eating in the farm belt is that the farther you get into the agricultural areas, the harder it is to eat locally.
These are hams of corn-fed hogs from the corn belt country, given the long sherry cure, smoke-washed free of all impurities.
The hogs are grown by corn-belt farmers, grown to blueprint specifications to please the sausage makers.
But in the end, the much-touted venture did not yield enough of the stuff for a single belt buckle.
But when the dogs get into cars, there's not a seat belt in sight.
We are talking belt-fed machine guns, shotguns, and modern military automatic rifles here.
From time to time he pauses to hone his curved steel blade on the stone he keeps in a belt pouch.
It was rigged with a leather conveyor belt that kept the fabric moving as it was being sewn.
Also, please keep your seat belt fastened when seated, even if the seat-belt light is not illuminated.
Scientists disagree on whether the belt will get drier or wetter in coming decades, but either is generally bleak.
Especially since even older kids positively swim in their seats, seat belt or not.
Many rust belt cities are seeing growth in downtown living, often in renovated industrial or office buildings.
The government is also tightening its belt, albeit more gingerly.
The second rare thing he possesses is called the belt of strength.
He seldom wore a coat in summer, and his rumpled shirt bulged out carelessly over the belt of his trousers.
Their handcuffs, in turn, were tightly tied to a belt strapped around their abdomens.
She now had three husbands and four sons under her belt, as it were.
It is wise to keep one's seat belt loosely fastened.
He dresses up casually, usually with his belt dropping and dangling.
Andy phones to tell her he's won a silver belt buckle and three thousand dollars.
There is a matching pleated skirt with a belt of purple leather.
The customers sit at a horse-shoe shaped conveyor-belt counter from which they take their food.
There was a picture of it which showed a lovely squirrel collar and a belt that tied in a soft bow.
The model sketched at the left with the contrasting yoke and belt is of cotton chenille.
Most cars today have automatic shoulder belts, but the lap belt is usually manual and often not used.
They had leg shackles on, and they had a belt around the waist with a chain coming out that was handcuffed to them.
The reporter conceded the point, unfastened his seat belt, and jumped out to join the others on the sidelines.
Pouches of rocket-propelled grenades hung from the sides, and belt-fed machine guns were bolted to the rooftops.
If the safety belt is too tight or rubs your neck, ask your local car dealer to adjust it.
The safety belt should be placed low on your hipbones so that the belt loads will be taken by the strong skeleton of your body.

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