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Example sentences for beloved

If you and one of your beloved professors actually started to date, it would never be as good as your fantasy.
Strangest of all, many want their beloved artificial sweeteners to be less artificial.
Take a virtual tour of a chocolate factory and nibble on the history and science of this beloved treat.
The brain encourages an intense focus on the beloved through the reward system.
Burgers are the perfect solution for casual entertaining: easy, quick to cook, and beloved by almost everyone.
Although this is all appalling to open-source purists, it may not spell the end for their beloved programs.
The brother no longer visits the beloved invalid sister.
Bringing a beloved champ out of retirement and back into the ring is always dicey.
Perugians feared that such measures would turn their beloved city into a museum.
It is certainly an emergency situation for our planet's beloved species.
My beloved garbanzo beans have grown fuzzy, adorable seed pods.
Well enjoy your beloved euro and the stuff the pigs on the south have for you.
The sight of one's beloved with pupils enlarged had the desired effect of communicating arousal.
It takes time to build the political will to go after a beloved company.
In the present context, let's say that you buried your beloved dog beneath a rose bush in your garden.
Yet it's in cooler climes that this plant's beloved product, chocolate, has a voracious following.
And spending the day on a beloved sabbatical project makes for more relaxing off hours.
Even animals this beloved could wear out their welcome.
The tiny tweaks sometimes get in the way of beloved behaviors that have been around for years.
Not beloved tchotchkes that in some way reflect one's interests.
But occasionally, our beloved cyberspace presents us with some new and novel.
However, they don't tend to restrict themselves to the categories that are beloved of those in diversity studies.
Thank you so much for this positive look at my beloved hometown.
Abrams reboots the beloved franchise this weekend in theaters around the world.
Deep, painful regret and sorrow over a the loss of a beloved member of our gaming family.
Everyone cries at the end when the group stages a heartfelt tribute to their beloved sensei.
The sport, beloved by so many, simply can't continue on its current course-a collision course.
So their idea is to replace the beloved widget with a credit-card sized sheet of paper.
The thing may have been monstrous, but it is beloved by keyboard enthusiasts.
But in no other form is corn more beloved in this region than creamed.
Our beloved scientists may be building impressive technologies, but some key pieces are missing.
Those little blades have been beloved of geologists and gold miners for more than a century.
Many of the scientists on your beloved list are not even qualified.
Still, our arguments may miss the goal, which is our beloved children.
The sale of a beloved brewery hints at a wave of beer-industry consolidation.
Coping with the loss of a beloved companion animal can be a painful process.
The job he's been waiting for-marketing executive-would take him away from his beloved, but annoying, grandparents.
The bear's steel skeleton was also treated to extend the life of this beloved sculpture.

Famous quotes containing the word beloved

It mattering not how beautiful you were, Or how beloved above all else that dies.... more
O would, beloved, that you lay Under the dock-leaves in the ground, While lights were paling one by one.... more
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