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The bullock carried their personal belongings and the tools with which they could repair a break.
We went to his old daycare long enough to collect his personal belongings.
Their personal belongings were seized or destroyed during the operation.
The soldiers turned their attention to her personal belongings.
Similarly, it is not impermissible to have personal belongings.
For the trenches, dugouts and tunnels-many containing human remains and personal belongings-are ethical minefields too.
Several had their clothes ripped off and personal belongings stolen.
We treat our belongings as personal and do not welcome any invasion of privacy.
The students don't have many belongings at school though, so it was easy to move each of their personal metal trunks.
But do take appropriate precautions to keep your personal belongings safe, as pickpockets are becoming more prevalent.
If you leave any personal belongings in the rental unit, the landlord can keep them until you pay storage costs.
Each junior officer was allowed one trunk of personal belongings that was carried in a baggage wagon.
During the exam all personal belongings must placed in a designated storage area in the testing room.
However, if you want to protect your personal belongings, you may want to consider buying a renter's insurance policy.
Psychologists are now better equipped than ever to explain how you came to choose your belongings in the first place.
If perhaps someone died along the way, they were probably buried there along with their belongings.
Never in the recollection of any one now living has it been so easy to surround oneself with lovely belongings.
He preferred to have his followers poor in heart and understanding, as well as in their dress and their other belongings.
He used to travel thither with his family and their belongings in his own carriage, followed by a baggage wagon.
Except this iron spear head, not one of their few belongings differed from what it doubtless was long prior to the age of metals.
Belowdecks, the ship's charts had been tossed about, and the crewmen's belongings were still in their quarters.
They wash their belongings and put them out to dry on the river's bank.
Going through their belongings, now that both of them are gone, the mark of those experiences is obvious.
The dorms are intact and students' belongings are safe.
Storing excessive amounts of belongings in an office is both a fire hazard and a potential obstacle to egress.
Belongings left behind in the lecture hall by fleeing students were returned to their owners.
We have written about moving with your pets, moving and packing your belongings, and finding a home in a new city.
If you don't want your own belongings tracking your movements, it's up to you to find out what they're doing and make them stop.
And the new age of individualization brings with it all kinds of personalized belongings.
Some survivors have now lost everything a second time, this time due to police smashing their belongings.
Being an untrusting sort, he packed all of his belongings for the short trip.
People frantically try to protect themselves and their belongings.
Eventually, to avoid the risk of break-ins while he was gone, he gave up his lease and put his belongings in storage.
The day before the eruption some of the residents were allowed back in to collect their belongings.
Slowly but surely, our belongings are vanishing into the cloud.
So you will likely have to take responsibility for the security of your belongings.
The police make an inventory of the deceased's belongings.
At first, the people were frightened that the river would wash away what was left of their houses and their belongings.
She survived with the help of friendly neighbors and by selling her belongings.
She was wearing a sleeveless red shirt and was accompanied by a thank-you note and a jade pendant, with no other belongings.
Soon after that her husband leaves her and the family's belongings are dispossessed.
He was sitting on the sofa, his legs cradling a plastic bag that held his belongings.
She arranged a few old-fashioned belongings around her and began a new life.
The neighbor advises her to make an inventory of her belongings and take out theft insurance as a precaution.
Their belongings weren't dam- aged that time-only dusty.
People dropped shopping bags and other belongings and pitched about as if on the deck of a storm-tossed ship at sea.
He had to remove his belongings from the office before the end of the day.
Her sister's belongings, along with her sister's diary, were stored in a closet and became somewhat of a shrine.
W e hire skip after skip and fill them with the old belongings left behind after the owner died.
They tumble to the sidewalk carrying garbage bags full of their belongings and scatter quickly.
They were expected to pack their belongings and leave by the end of the day.
Someone asked him where he would go now, and he said he would return to the hotel where he had left his belongings.
Zipper closure at top of bag keeps belongings secure.
Interior of wristlet has side pocket to keep small belongings accessible.
Forgetful travelers leave behind variety of belongings.
They are top-loading bags with a long strap to sling the bag onto your back, ensuring that all your belongings stay in place.
Participants are not allowed to bring belongings onto the dolphin deck.
His belongings are what he takes in bags, along with his tools for the job.
He might not get a locker to put his belongings in, either.
Soon the first house tumbled and people's belongings were flying from the windows.
Forced to leave, give up their belongings, emigrate.
Have students think about times when their family or friends moved their belongings to a new place.
They abandoned the cities and towns they had created, leaving behind many of their belongings.
Two heavy-duty plastic clips keep your belongings secure when the bag goes through airport screening or overhead carry-on storage.
Elsewhere in the disaster zone, people ventured cautiously back to homes to retrieve belongings.
Most crossed the border with little or no belongings.
It was used by the miners to put their clothes, shoes and private belongings in.
Villagers who escape are often robbed of the few belongings they can carry with them.
Kangaroo pockets on the stomach area with zips to zip all belongings away.
But he was vigorous in defense of his bower and belongings, and flew at them with beak and tongue out, claws ready to strike.
The backpack fits all her belongings and her laptop.
Drop-bottom lower compartment with hold-down straps and zippered mesh pocket to help organize your belongings.
They watched the river and moved their belongings upstairs or onto rooftops as the city flooded.
It might not be as difficult to say goodbye to your belongings if you're giving them to organizations that can really use them.
But even with a check in hand, victims may find it difficult to rebuild their homes and replace their belongings.
In an eviction, the tenant's belongings are moved under the supervision of the marshal and stored at a private warehouse.
The bill of lading is a contract between you and the mover and a receipt of your belongings.
Agents scouted locations for a temporary morgue and a place to safeguard victims' belongings.
Once the belongings are removed with a writ, the landlord cannot keep the belongings from the tenant.
Movers without a permit operate outside the law and may provide little, if any, protection for loss or damage to your belongings.
Even a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your belongings.
Homeowners and renter's insurance will likely provide limited coverage for household belongings in transit.
Federal flood insurance protects homes, businesses, and belongings from damage caused by flooding.
Movers without a permit operate outside the law and may provide little, if any protection for loss or damage to your belongings.
Keep all receipts for any work done to repair damage, or for items purchased to replace belongings.
Remember that although you may have lost your belongings, you haven't lost your good judgment.
Visitors using original manuscripts will be required to leave their belongings in a locker.
Find out what the mover's responsibilities are for damages that may occur to your belongings.
Knowing that students often leave their belongings behind, thieves will commonly target areas with high student populations.
In addition, visitors and their belongings are subject to being scanned and searched.

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