bells and whistles in a sentence

Example sentences for bells and whistles

Digital cameras come with lots of bells and whistles.
Today's operators often use high-tech bells and whistles to lure their prey.
Because the reality was, guess what, bells and whistles don't go off all day long.
Fancy bells and whistles are great as augmentation to courses.
The fact that buyers want bells and whistles but users want something clear and simple creates a peculiar problem for companies.
Any of these bells and whistles exponentially increases the potential for failure in the overall system.
It lacks some of the bells and whistles that more professional systems offer.
Available messaging systems, be they proprietary or open-source, tend to come with superfluous bells and whistles.
The device has no more bells and whistles than necessary, and it does the job it was designed to do extremely well.
For all these bells and whistles though, it is still the nuanced intelligent enemies that steal the show.
It worked so well precisely because it didn't have the bells and whistles of a feature film production.
The hotel's indoor pool, whirlpool and sauna add a few more bells and whistles.
Of course, the older ships are limited by their size, making it impossible to add all the latest bells and whistles.
And there's a lot of little bells and whistles that keep you going.
The web page is up and running with not many bells and whistles yet.
The profile is the place to list all of the bells and whistles that your company provides.
If they all face away from you and you can't read them, bells and whistles should be going off in your head.
Home mortgages had fixed rates and few bells and whistles.
Your plain old text will be pretty nicely rendered into paragraphs with automatically linked items and other bells and whistles.
Certain people enjoy learning new bells and whistles, particularly with computers.
Then they reincarnated it online, staying faithful to the original, but adding a few bells and whistles.
When you do so, your report sets off bells and whistles in our forecast office, alerting forecasters to your fresh report.
Maybe a comparison between a center with all the bells and whistles, and one that doesn't have the funds available to upgrade.
Bells and whistles beyond the see-through walls include a pair of walk-in plant-growth chambers and a walk-in cold room.
Please don't purchase the bells and whistles unless you will use them.
We require robust surgery scheduling with all the bells and whistles.
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