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Although the bells' lack of embellishment suggests a practical purpose, the bells also seem to hold a sentimental value.
Some jurisdictions have banned ice cream truck vendors from using amplified music, restricting them to using hand bells.
Another thought is stringing little bells or wind chimes that might keep birds from lingering around your blueberry bushes.
Digital cameras come with lots of bells and whistles.
Lifting weights and working with kettle bells are two of the best exercises for building strong bones and muscles.
But city council acted, and required that all sleighs carry bells to warn pedestrians.
And then the local signal needs to be blocked from influencing neighbors bells.
Fancy bells and whistles are great as augmentation to courses.
Alarm bells may ring in the minds of many trustees when they think about offshore activities or overseas partnerships.
Any of these bells and whistles exponentially increases the potential for failure in the overall system.
Alarm bells should be ringing all over the place, especially in a democracy.
That's when alarm bells would ring, or the engine would suddenly shut down or start smoking.
That's why you'll hear so many hikers wearing tinkling bear bells.
From its ankles dangled bracelets with little bells of pure gold.
It has all the whistles and bells desired to ensure outstanding runs on the mountain.
Bells is with out question the best micro brew house in the country.
The fact that buyers want bells and whistles but users want something clear and simple creates a peculiar problem for companies.
At night, the only sounds came from the bells of roaming cattle and the branches scratching the roof.
The movie begins with church bells ringing in mournful disapproval of the filth that is about to be set before us.
Yahoo is featuring an animated logo with a purple and gold horse-drawn carriage and wedding bells.
The old one's got rusty runners the bells don't meet the new federal noise regulations.
Might be more effective to put bells on your kids' shoes.
Some were fighting round the electric bells, trying to summon trains which could not be summoned.
The device has no more bells and whistles than necessary, and it does the job it was designed to do extremely well.
Beyond a core of devotees, his name rings few bells.
It was the handle on which bells were hung which would be rattled to scare away evil spirits.
Any divergence that shows up sets off alarm bells in those looking for funny business.
But a sharp rise in share prices accompanied by a big increase in borrowing should set alarm bells ringing.
The system then talks him through the bells and whistles he might wish to add to that template.
Now, this should set off all sorts of alarm bells to anyone who has read any news reports about employment data.
Often the singer keeps time with a pair of tiny bells and a small clapper in his hand.
Many, including me, have turned down engagement rings from eligible bachelors even as our biological alarm bells started sounding.
As the immigrants continue to arrive, the alarm bells have begun to ring.
Mill operatives' activities were organized by bells that rang throughout the day.
The central piece, a litany played against tolling bells, reveals the moment in which music brings time to a stop.
Bush's remarks set off alarm bells in the scientific community.
Alarm bells are sounding in the minds of the logical and clear thinking and they are being ridiculed.
Someone needed to start ringing the alarm bells for it to gain traction.
The distinctions between cultures are not decorative-it's not feathers and bells or dancers or songs.
Something about this is setting off alarm bells in my head.
He didn't actually think much about it until a chance remark a few years ago set off some alarm bells.
While all the church bells made a solemn din-A fire-alarm to those who lived in sin.
When that proved insufficient, the horn players were asked to stuff handkerchiefs into the bells of their instruments.
The church bells have not been recovered, but stories of their location are legends and myth.
The bells are well matched and produce rich, resonant tones.
Snow covers the bells, as the lake is nearly frozen.
While carried by currents, jellyfish continue to swim and pulsate their bells.

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