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Example sentences for bellowing

It's mid rutting season, and this big guy was on top of the hill bellowing for his doe to come and join him.
He started bellowing and calling the minute he was down.
For a time the only sounds were of bellowing and milk streaming into calabashes.
She realized the cow was bellowing in pain, its teats swollen with milk.
She gave a roll of the eyes, then surged forward with great scooping motions, bellowing.
The loud thumping gave way to spastic dancing and eventually some primal bellowing.
It's a cattle-truck operation and a bit of bellowing is to be expected.
They came clanging up with loud bellowing, breathing out fire.
Calves wandered about in a daze, bellowing for their mothers.
The church bells here do not toll with a deep, bellowing tone.
The thunder rolls, bellowing a warning to all below.
At length those that could broke from the enclosure, bellowing subsided and quiet restored.
Bulls display their dominance by bellowing, wallowing, and fighting other bulls.
Yet he seems to retreat into obscurity after bellowing the defiant declaration.
During the autumn rut, or mating season, a bellowing bull can be heard a mile away.
They display their dominance by bellowing, wallowing, and engaging in fights with other bulls.
Swimming walruses are often seen from the camping area and on calm nights you may hear walrus grunting, bellowing and strumming.
Bellowing bulls throwing up clouds of dust in powerful shoving matches make quite a spectacular show.
She huffed and puffed in the back of the courtroom, bellowing loudly then scribbled furiously.
Within seconds, the smoke became heavier and flames were soon bellowing from the roof.
The old ranch roads you will walk as trails today once echoed to the shouts of cowboys and the bellowing of cattle.
Usually quiet and aloof, the bulls become quarrelsome and can be heard bellowing hoarsely.

Famous quotes containing the word bellowing

The first general store opened on the 'Cold Saturday' of the winter of 1833 ... Mrs. Mary Miller, daughter of the store'... more
For do but note a wild and wanton herd Or race of youthful and unhandled colts Fetching mad bounds, bellowingmore
I died before bedtime came But my womb was bellowing And I felt with my bare fall A blazing red harsh head ... more
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