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When faced with hardpan, many gardeners despair, believing they must remove the entire hardpan.
He always worked without a net, believing that preparing for disaster only made one more likely to occur.
Many researchers have had difficulty believing those rocks.
At the moment, the main reason for believing dark matter exists is that spinning galaxies would fly apart without it.
The trouble with crying wolf too often is that people stop believing you.
Many franchisees sign a franchise agreement believing it to be less risky than setting up a business on their own.
So farmers postpone the purchase, believing they will make it later.
He answers them in slogans that he gives every appearance of believing.
Believing you're better than you are may help you succeed, a new study says.
But some urban myths have been told so many times that people start believing them.
Incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis would mean believing that global warming is caused by people when it's not.
Believing he was out of the ambush, he headed back toward the road.
Regardless of many people believing aliens dont really exist, many people still tend to believe in them.
Forgive me for not believing in people's imaginary friends.
Believing nothing done whilst there remained anything else to be done.
He went to his grave believing that the future would be better than the past and that the advance of freedom was irreversible.
The three parted ways that evening scarcely believing what they'd decided to do.
Scientists have long sought such a stiff-leafed rice plant, believing that it would raise grain yields.
It is all about believing that you are doing good for yourself.
Gold and his colleagues began their research on lab rats believing that neurotransmitter fluctuation modulated memory formation.
It is also simple to fool subjects into believing a phantom hand is their own.
They are less believing in the unseen even in the seen.
Hence, those societies can be easily manipulated into believing in anything or into denying anything.
Don't rationalize or over intellectualize yourselves into believing otherwise.
Now, believing that the once-friendly climate for such nonprofit conversions has grown chilly, he's shifted gears.
If so, he probably talked himself into believing that the athletic director had everything under control.
If you have no trouble believing that, please keep it to yourself.
The students' priority is to show up and be seen, believing that it is all right to do nothing once they have arrived.
There are exceptions, of course, but knowing and believing in your programs leads to more successful fund raising.
But believing that such an approach rests on the existence of multiple intelligences has real risks.
Knowing that, some people in tense situations decide to lie, believing that they have only two choices.
From his childhood he has been an optimist, believing strongly in the possibilities of social progress.
These students are brainwashed into believing that they must to to college.
The kicker is that many faculty and students come to over rely upon it, firmly believing that nothing will ever go wrong.
Even if it's not true that every gadget needs the touch, manufacturers have psyched themselves out into believing this is so.
The demonstration of the device at the press briefing made it look quite impressive, but playing is believing.
For nearly a year, human rights groups have had trouble believing him.
It's harder to ignore, and you can start believing the hype.
Your best bet in this situation is to say that you bought the movies in good faith, believing them to be legitimate.
There's a bias in journalism toward believing that what's secret is inherently a hive of hidden truth.
For the patients, being less sick didn't correlate with believing they were being prayed for by the psychic healers.
The goal is to fool the body into believing that it's alive and well, even as everything is falling apart.
They don't know what it works on, but they have a problem believing that vision is the same thing as hearing.
Hardly believing what he was doing, he pushed the needle in-it was effortless-and slowly injected the contents.
And that's the danger in believing that time will give us a population that's completely computer literate.
He showed them the strange imprints and tried tricking them into believing that an odd creature had been on the beach.
Her husband persists in believing she had an affair.
It could be my sheer perversity that prevents me from believing what everyone wants me to believe.
People live in the hulls of abandoned rocket ships believing they are the towers of ruined castles.
Most physicists balk at that solution, believing it couldn't possibly describe the real universe.
That's the genius of the error bar: it lets you decide at a glance whether a result is possibly worth believing or not.
He was also a materialist, believing that the atoms obeyed laws, not that they received external guidance.
Once you realize that, you stop believing that you deserve the intimidation and start feeling better about yourself.
Because if you have people believing a machine is tickling them with no human around, she says, then they shouldn't laugh.
Therefore please leave the believing to the church and the research to the scientists.
Another thing to add to the list of things to say when people tell me seeing is believing.
Not at all, but you've charmed me into believing it.
It's a way to take up more space in the world by believing in something bigger than yourself.
She chose not to advertise them, believing this strategy would make them more desirable.
Tipper was reported to be stunned, believing she had been cast aside because she was no longer useful.
Once you realize that, it frees you up from believing that fame or riches are going to bring you happiness.
Here is one optimist's reason for believing unity will prevail over disunity, integration over disintegration.
She proposed the idea, believing it would be the perfect solution.
Americans seem united in believing that our school system is broken, if not in what to do about it.
Believing that the struggle was at home and not abroad, he voluntarily surrendered.
And they have deluded themselves into believing that nothing has been lost, because they have replaced the papers with microfilm.
It is the second method that produces the sense of belonging and believing.

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