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He wasn't merely unsuspicious of language, he was a believer, he had faith in it.
The philanthropist was ever after a firm believer in the total depravity of tenement-house people.
The believer can scarce earn his food, while the impious infidel is favoured.
He clearly underwent a conversion of sorts, and he's now a firm believer in online learning.
Speaking now as a non-believer, that seems to me to be perfectly reasonable.
All of this scouring for medical miracles when the real miracle, for believer and nonbeliever, is existence and life itself.
Still, it is a genuine occasion, offering much to think about for believer and doubter alike.
Ultimately, he is a believer in free markets and in financial markets.
She was a great believer in following the custom of the country in moments of uncertainty.
If you are a true believer in the glory of the market, the work might be invigorating, and the long hours a mark of pride.
All this would probably cause some discomfort in the film industry even if the project weren't backed by a believer.
He is a firm believer in law and order, within reason.
Though a deep believer in mysticism and the spirit world, secularism never offended him.
Most satisfyingly for the non-believer, politicians live in terror of being seen as righteous.
He is a non believer, but more importantly they share oil in their veins.
He was a firm believer in pumping up demand with deficit spending and holding down inflation with incomes policy.
There is a bit of the believer, who follows a prophet to a mountaintop to await the end, in all of us.
The point of the above is that it is futile to offer wealth or a better life style as an incentive to become a believer.
All this blather about how a nonbeliever might be able to do what a believer does is a snooze.
So it cannot be said that the effect does not work if you are not a believer.
Punishing non-believers has been there from the beginning since it threatens believer's fantasies.
These are questions that every global warming believer should be made to answer in every forum possible.
And you say it is the believer's fault for the current crisis.
But he is a great believer in global civil society, and one of its strongest supporters.
He didn't feel right accepting the money, he explained, since he was not a believer.
When a believer encounters non-believers, the shock may be great.
Conversely, no non-believer is ever banished from the human family for not believing either.
He gave answers that no sincere believer would ever give.
TR was also a deep believer in the moral power of reform.
Concern for our environment and economic interests have made him a firm believer in planning for growth.
To the sister believer whose hair the oppressors have shaved.
To the sister believer who's body has been abused by the human dogs.
Che is a strong believer in giving back to the community through direct involvement.

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