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That's a funny-and totally believable--story about zucchini.
It's a time travel movie that refuses to talk down to its audience and stars some really believable characters.
The suicide theory is plainly less complicated and more believable than the spy theory, but it does have wrinkles of its own.
Scenes with a mechanical shark had to be cut, because it did not look believable enough.
All the goods and produce could have been virtually created and it would still be believable.
And for those emanations to be believable, they must accord with a kind of evolutionary straightness.
But good fiction would be much, much more believable.
The book is unbelievable at first, and then totally believable and exciting and moving and funny and thought-provoking.
The official police estimates of the size of each crowd were not believable.
The events portrayed in these photographs look believable, yet have never occurred.
And the heavier the accent, the less believable they were perceived to be.
Science is only believable, verifiable, and robust when its findings agree with your personal opinions.
Much more believable than a happenstance meteor strike that picked out which species to eliminate and which to keep.
And the dumping of the body doesn't exactly make things more believable.
Fascinating fiction and a wholly believable premise for instantaneous travel.
The amount of technical detail is not quite as impressive but still satisfies, thanks to some solid, believable technobabble.
How believable is it that all seashores remain stable constantly.
But for brain washed conspiracy theorists why look at the facts when the lies are much more believable.
The old adage certainly rings true here, make it a whopper so it's more believable, because the truth certainly doesn't matter.
Believable enough, given the tight-faced smiling desperation of his practiced success.
Or, to put it more precisely, no version of truth that is considered believable by all sides will ever emerge.
More believable were the reports that he was stubborn and resolute.
None of this is believable and much of it is tedious.
It has a story full of suspense, humor, and believable characters.
So, in order to make it believable, it had to be emotionally connected.
To me, she is the more nuanced and believable of the two.
But this time, to make our relationship look even remotely believable, they had to boost me up by a foot or two.
Treasury projections about the economy, for instance, must be believable and believed.
He has shown in human detail how and why the system was believable.
We've been through this budget crisis fantasy theater many times, and each time it gets more melodramatic and less believable.
Nor has any believable wreckage from the destruction ever been exhibited.
It's believable only if you believe that stimulus always lives up to the labeling.
These predictions, to be believable, must be in the form of a series of articles published from five to twenty five years ago.
Over time, the figures should get more believable, not less.
That's believable that standoff with parasites could produce such a drastic hair loss.
Colonization is no longer a believable or relevant fall back excuse.
If that part of the story is to be believable, he needs to be clearer about what he means.
They seem to be more willing to experiment with believable hominid variations.
In my opinion it is going to take a well researched and believable causality.
The paradox is that a sceptic is far more likely to accept a believable lie than an unbelievable truth.
She never really succeeds in making that portrait believable.
The early parts of the film are engaging and well acted, creating a believable high school atmosphere.
It is a heavy handed narrative in which the avaricious nature of the leading character is too exaggerated to be believable.
Still, it progresses gently, and much of it unfolds in a natural and believable style.
Ex-receiver makes action believable in sports flicks.
The movie has lots of action, witty dialogue and believable characters.
It is determined by considering all of the evidence and deciding which evidence is more believable.
The more believable explanation for the duck hunt is that it's been an exercise in politics rather than safety.
We wanted a patrician grandfather, and he gave us a believable enough one.
Cartoon movies are more believable when every character's movements accurately follow the laws of physics.
The affidavit must contain sufficient facts indicating the informer is believable or truthful.
Uncorroborated statements of fact are less believable than corroborated statements.
The public often sees public relations messages that have been covered by the media as more neutral or believable.
But these and other claims that sound so believable at first often turn out to be false or misleading.
Scam artists frequently tell a believable story to get you to wire money to them.
Urban legends aim to be believable and true so the message spreads.
The officer's contention that he pulled his firearm by mistake is completely believable.
It means that one side's evidence was more believable than the other.
Even though the informant's information is believable, it exceeds the time limit for reporting such information.
Something is not proved mathematically because it seems believable.
His reasoning was that the complainant was more believable in her original testimony than in her recantation.
Commissions must determine whether submitted information is believable.
It was a totally believable character and a grand display of impeccable timing.
The rest of the movie plays out the spread of the disease and development of a vaccine in a believable manner.
Resist their alarming or believable scenarios and urge to update, validate, or confirm sensitive information.

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