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Belief in efficient-market theory made the authorities reluctant to restrain either the dotcom or the housing and credit bubbles.
It is also putting a monotheistic belief above pantheism, for another.
Belief, disbelief and uncertainty generate different neural pathways .
His explanation for this seemingly superhuman feat seemed logical enough — even if his memory defies belief.
After all, the great enemy of belief isn't disbelief but indifference.
Some of the smartest people have the oddest beliefs sometimes.
During the first half of the nineteenth century, the belief in a universal deluge was widely held by geologists.
Of the thirty-one jurors accepted by the prosecutor, all professed a belief in capital punishment.
We are very far from acting in accordance with that belief.
It seems like every day we hear how some long held belief is wrong.
Theory of evolution naturally encroaches on belief.
One long-held belief about ocean chemistry is that it never changes.
These show that the motive for producing such evidence may come from belief, rather than from any wish to mislead or play pranks.
He persisted in the archaic belief that swallows wintered at the bottom of lakes.
The answer is good governance and a widely held belief that being second best isn't good enough.
When science can explain belief it will be able to explain why people refuse to believe the explanation.
All these anxieties rest on a belief that exchange rates are out of whack.
No one has said anything here about value as being dependent on belief.
But despite his belief that the model could replace traditional capitalism, few have adopted it.
His declaration of this belief caused, he admitted, profound shock to those who knew him only as a sceptic.
Yeah, the belief that meritocracy is alive is laughable.
Instead he has given them a government beyond belief.
They have a belief in themselves that, some say, results in high staff satisfaction and low employee turnover.
At the heart of this and previous governments' efforts is a belief that the state can genuinely affect social mobility.
Today he prefers to talk about his belief in capitalism, self-interest and globalising markets.
Contrary to popular belief, some people still shoot on film.
Nothing he's seen, heard or read has changed his belief that electric vehicles are the future, and the future is now.
Keep in mind that your brother's belief in a large-scale conspiracy may be a coping mechanism.
But there's a growing belief that other stealthy choppers might have been present, as well.
And contrary to popular belief, these aren't the end times for humanity.
At such moments, rationality actually becomes a liability, since it allows us to justify practically any belief.
Grosvenor considered the images so extraordinary that he used them despite the belief that they might cost him his job.
The belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries.
But no animal had ever been confirmed as moving to a beat-leading to the common belief that animals ain't got rhythm.
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a special bike to go touring.
Contrary to popular belief, not all armadillos are able to encase themselves in their shells.
Contrary to popular belief, bears occasionally leave their dens, perhaps to catch a bit of sun.
Belief is powerful medicine, even if the treatment itself is a sham.
Contrary to popular belief, humans continue to evolve.
Sure, if a belief is causing anger, than dispelling that belief might resolve the anger.
They are the people you insulted with your infantile, self-serving swipes at a belief system you refuse to understand.
The plasticity and adaptability of the human mind beggars belief.
Look at us, killing each other over some belief know one can pretend to prove.
The difference is so infinitesimal that it might defy belief that anyone, even physicists, would care.
Belief is the final commitment of our innermost feelings to absolute truth.
Depression is a spectrum disorder in my belief and therefore one blanket treatment is not adequate.
Perhaps there's a cultural bias too since people have some sort of a belief system.
In fact, that knowledge can itself become another tool in support of a biased belief.
Belief in moral decline is an inevitable accompaniment to the nearly universal belief in an original paradise.
My belief in the impossibility of motherhood at this early stage in my career was not entirely of my own making.
She retains her belief in the importance of scientific inquiry.
Perhaps the scholarly literature supports your belief that your approach will succeed.
Despite your belief otherwise, you will not clearly be head and shoulders above every candidate.
Many freshmen acted as though they held that belief about themselves.
Though dulness never dies, he tried to spread the belief that he had annihilated her particular representatives whom he attacked.
She likes to do everything for herself, and has no belief in any one's power to help her.
The belief in the connection persists even though there has been no proof of a link between the two.
Make sure you bone up on your stereotype belief detector profiling skills pronto.
It is all activities done by the group to support or advance their belief system.
The value of a dollar isn't linked to anything more than other people's belief in its value.
Perhaps our belief that art should last forever is too contemporary.
There is widespread belief that the brain evolved rapidly at the same time as human group sizes increased.
And this is how you dig yourself in a belief system that leads nowhere.
Every belief system disconnected from the bigger picture is a trap.
Maybe it's the consistency of belief that devolves into mere conformity.
Paradoxically, the current high price may be supported in part by a belief that the old equity premium still obtains.
His guilt was enormous-the other side of his belief in his powers to affect the world around him.
But the hat itself carried smallpox, and it was killing them with belief.
Whether they suggested the belief in the magic number or merely reinforced it is not clear.
But it is my belief that all these traits were symptoms of something else.
She has clung to that belief, granting fewer interviews as the years go by.
It is not unusual to take up a sword and die for a belief.
The ability to make tools defines us less than the need to create belief systems that influence nature.
Work and education programs have been cancelled, out of a belief that the pursuit of rehabilitation is pointless.
Nevertheless it seems to me that the belief is ill-conceived.
Here, as often before, science is challenging belief.
But there is another defect that has received less recognition: a false belief in the stability of financial markets.
Too much of the research is sloppy and funded by folks who have a stake in finding that belief is good for us.
The belief that the future will be much better than the past and present is known as the optimism bias.
It implies a belief, which is where these misconceptions come from.
Part of the reason for this lack of an odor yardstick may have been the common belief that the human sense of smell is crude.
There is nothing anybody can do to shake them out of their belief system, by now.
To now say he never actually made the specific claim that they were linked is absurd beyond belief.
Replacing belief with truth is exactly what scientists should aspire to do.
Anyway, she has mentioned once or twice having a belief in a higher intelligence.
Belief in the inevitability of human kind visiting distant solar systems is a matter of irrational faith.
Given our behavior on the planet today, this belief is completely unfounded.
It is indeed a false belief of many that money taken from human spaceflight will neatly show up in the science column.
Also interesting how a society would develop their belief system.
They have invested belief in the spammed rumor and an realizing it is not a good feeling.
But, contrary to popular belief, a robust snowfall does not mean global warming is a myth.
Such is the case with the widespread belief that evidence of global warming is incontrovertible.
It is all because of my belief and commitment to public service.

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