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He is represented holding in his right hand a sceptre, and in his left a building with a tower or belfry.
The top of the tower contains a belfry for the clock chimes.
Now, only a chunk of the belfry remains standing to mark the site.
The school's tin roof was also ripped off, and the belfry atop the four-story building was shoved down into the third story.
When he turned his eye to fruit juice, his neighbours at home said he had bats in his belfry.
The devil gets into the belfry on the vicar's skirts.
He brought almost all of his troops safely back, but on the last day was shot and killed by someone in a church belfry.
Belfry considers all of its lines to be gathering or distribution.
Whether they are in your belfry or not, bats get a bad rap.
Daytime roost is usually an evergreen tree, belfry or barn.
Decorative embellishments are also carved on the capitals of the belfry columns.
The belfry houses one of the oldest bells in the valley.
The belfry is capped by a cornice with large modillions, above which is a short pyramidal roof with a cross at its apex.
It is fenestrated with lancet and quatrefoil windows in its lower three stages while the fourth stage is a louvered belfry.

Famous quotes containing the word belfry

It whispered to the fields of corn, "Bow down, and hail the coming morn." It shouted through the belfry to... more
Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch Of the North Church tower as a signal light,— One, if by land, an... more
I cannot yet begin to understand Why we are proud that an ancestor knew The crazy Poe, who was not of our kind Bats in t... more

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