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Example sentences for belatedly

The media, burned so often by techno-hype, are belatedly realizing that this time it's not all fantasy.
Belatedly resolving buyer's remorse by nonpayment is dishonorable.
Some have been shocked to belatedly discover there is no denying a fact of nature.
Pharmacology is fiercely, if somewhat belatedly, at work hunting new antimicrobial strategies.
She came off as unapologetic and defiant, apologizing only belatedly for each infraction.
They are toys no longer, though, for it has belatedly dawned on robot engineers that they are missing a trick.
Their wait is all the more painful because credit is, belatedly, tightening.
Belatedly responding to its critics, the government has taken some steps.
At its climax, however, the contest has belatedly become intriguing.
Because blogging is becoming so popular, people are belatedly pondering its economics.
Belatedly, it recognised that the jobs it needed must come in new industries and services, and from the private sector.
Most of it will be supplied, belatedly, by the market itself-especially if it is bathed in the cleansing sunlight of transparency.
Belatedly, the authorities have recognised this problem, and are trying to do something about it.
So, often belatedly, companies respond by trying to manage the risks.
Now before us is his motion for rule on clerk seeking to lodge the record belatedly.
Now before us is appellant's pro se motion seeking leave to file the points belatedly.
We have also come to value, sometimes belatedly, the benefits that the natural river habitat provides for fish and wildlife.
Respondent has now belatedly moved to compel responses to these interrogatories.
Pro se motion for reconsideration of motion for rule on clerk to lodge record belatedly.
First, they are subject to a variety of measurement errors when units report their arrival on scene prematurely or belatedly.
If a certification is issued belatedly or lapses due to administrative error, the situation may be corrected retroactively.
Motion treated as motion for rule on clerk to lodge record belatedly and denied.
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