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Example sentences for belabor

It's important to shine a light on lobbying, more than to belabor this inevitable calling.
There is no need to belabor the wobbly nature of this third term.
However, if it is impossible to praise these stories, it would be surly to belabor them.
Well constructed as these stories are, some may seem to belabor their themes with built-in explanations.
None felt it necessary to belabor the fact of race, though all alluded to it.
Perpetual flashbacks initiating from a sketchily attended present stall and belabor the novel's first few chapters.
Not to belabor the point, but my stepson also still has platelets that do a decent job of knitting surface wounds without factor.
Not to belabor the point, but it hardly matters what you think.
Well constructed as these stories are, some may seem to belabor their themes.
Ford agreed that this approach is fine, but he prefers to not belabor an exemption.
In an effort not to belabor this point, the court would simply state that it does not buy this argument at all.
We will not belabor the obvious, for it is difficult to imagine a much clearer case than the case at bar.

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The editors are committed to nothing save this: to keep common sense as fast as they can, to belabor sham a... more
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