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For some, keeping secrets is an essential component of being chic.
Some of us have discovered the truth that nature, animals, and every single being on this planet is made of the same elements.
Then they said that not enough money was being offered along with the prisoners.
We cannot risk politicians fighting tooth and nail to stay in office for fear of being prosecuted.
Robots are being created that can think, act, and relate to humans.
New research linking chronic fatigue syndrome to retrovirus is released after being held by a journal.
Great photography is about being in the right place at the right time.
Despite being misnamed, it remains a precious holiday ingredient.
Instead of being satisfied with the squeaks, they explored the other tubes and discovered all sorts of hidden surprises.
Being the best at something does not mean that doing that thing is the best way to use your scarce economic resources.
Some are being fished in the wild so much that they cannot reproduce enough to survive.
Certainly blood flow variability within the brain is being used as a primary indicator of specific brain activity.
People tend to be on best behavior when they're being watched.
It's a great annual flower, without being all sunshine and rainbows.
Now, there's a new wave of reconnaissance bots being prepared for combat.
He shuts the debate team in lockers and makes them debate the merits of being let out.
But being able to feel a bit better-off than someone else makes it a bit more bearable.
Years ago scientists discovered that stratospheric ozone is being eaten away by human activity.
No sense in anyone being afraid to blink in order to thwart a tidal wave.
Only a few words were omitted due to being inaudible.
In other words, any whale being killed in the open ocean today is being killed for absolutely no good reason at all.
It isn't a matter of being against nuclear for any philosophical reason.
Even being trampled by kids or dogs or run over by a lawnmower doesn't faze them for long.
If you think you're being watched, you're probably right.
Their habitat is shrinking and being degraded due to development.
The other point about the absurdity of being loaded for bear every time you go into the wilderness is also good.
In addition to being data-laden, though, these images are simply wonderful to behold.
Poultry burgers have a reputation for being dry and bland.
Being smart is good, but having everyone know you are smart is better.
The llanos is being eyed by both the timber and oil industries.
Being allowed to comment this article gives me an illusion of control over it.
Both you and the sailor would have equal claim to being right-the motion of the rock is relative to whoever is observing it.
Being locally native, or degree of water, are a big part of my definition.
Promotional ads were being shot, and internal beta testers were thrilled.
There's a difference between being unobtrusive and unfriendly.
Being eco-conscious doesn't have to mean giving up beauty.
She said she wanted to raise more awareness about how the technology is being used for stealth surveillance.
Finally, ask them to explore and explain what is being done about the current situation.
Being unusually delicate, it's often also slightly bruised.
Humans typically catch rabies after being bitten by an infected animal, usually a dog-and the infection usually stops there.
Also his not being fired with all of the offences prior to that fateful night indicates that he was connected to someone high up.
Instead of being arranged as an encyclopedia, plants are organized by use.
Tentlike protective structures are being erected in various parts of the city.
And buckwheat sprouts are being studied for their anti-inflammatory potential.
Although rare, other such incidents of divers being left behind in the open ocean have happened.
Noncompliance will result in disqualification and an alternate winner being selected.
If it's growing satisfactorily, its nutrient needs are being met.
Being stuck in an elevator is never fun, but by and large when riding in one that's the biggest inconvenience you can expect.
We loved them in the garden, and now purple carrots are being put to use as natural dye.
It's all being used for growing the next season's worth of food.
Before being eaten they must be allowed to ripen further to lose their puckery astringency and become as soft and sweet as jelly.
Sudden leaf shedding is a common problem, often resulting from plant being moved to a new location.
And you thought being a federal bureaucrat was boring.
Instead, immigration is being discouraged-even that of skilled individuals.
Still, traditional higher education is not known for being nimble.
Imagine being alone on the ocean for five or ten weeks, sailing in snow, ice and spray cruel as needles.
They have a difficult time psychologically coping with the experience of being completely alone.
Riskiest, because the chance of being misunderstood is the highest.
Maybe that's because he has had time to get used to being famous.
If your partner has a strange knack of being able to pick out all the right perfumes, this may not be a good sign at all.
And governments can't control the trade if they don't know how many sharks are being taken from their waters.
Bosses for life aren't used to being down in the polls.
Its amazing how much misinformation is being broadcast on this thread.
Instead, scholars are being denied access to millions of books.
Everything about him was against his being a powerful speaker.
If you simply ban trolls-kicking them off your board-you nurture their curdled sense of being an oppressed truth-speaker.
That's also a useful life skill for being a junior scientist with aspirations of becoming a senior scientist.
When asked the meaning of being human, they respond with ten thousand different voices.
Besides being primitive, a pinhole camera is cheap, and it almost guarantees an unusual result.
The mirror provides a view of the courtyard and gives the room the illusion of being open on both sides.
But there are shady characters being caught, despite all that.
Have students identify the different creatures that inhabit the ecosystems being monitored by these two programs.
What people now understand as being unethical research was not always the product of malevolent intentions.
For instance people being tested, for the body to respond to drugs such as antibiotics.
Read about what's being done to protect many plant species that provide our food.
He also showed signs of being self-aware: he could recognize himself in a mirror.
Moreover, being part of the nightshade family, those seed pods are actually poisonous.
And the region is producing water faster than the protective layer is being destroyed.
The mixture is boiled and allowed to set before being molded into a loaf, sliced up and finally pan-fried until golden brown.
But here you are with the squawking gulls, watching a world being born.
People reported being happiest when engaged in what they were doing versus allowing their minds to wander.
Then spray adhesive to the flower, being sure to cover the entire surface.
Our fresh-tasting versions are satisfying without being heavy.
Imagine being present at the birth of a new industry.
Being eco-friendly includes recycling, but there are other ways to guard the planet's health.
It is triangular on section, its base being attached to the margin of the acetabulum, while its opposite edge is free and sharp.
Its cells differ from ordinary cardiac muscle cells in being more spindle-shaped.
The remaining mystery is how the snails manage to survive being eaten.
During winter the lake freezes completely, despite being saline water.
He started to install water meters and launched an aggressive campaign to track how water was being used.
Tarantulas use the same scare tactics as hot chilies to avoid being eaten, a new study suggests.
Understanding the idea of region and the process of regionalization is fundamental to being geographically informed.
There are lots of ways that being exploited can add up to learning a lot about outdoor photography.
Considered livestock, they rate no protection from being maimed or killed by cruel handlers.
They are being cleared for cattle grazing and coca plantations.
In addition to being used as mixing bowls, the abalone shells served as storage containers.
In photography, there is that possibility of being able to do that.
Some of these early postcards show snowmen being bludgeoned by two-by-fours and stomped on by tots.
Lounging around on a barge, being waited on hand and foot.
It also happens to be the first time that the series is being shown on a curved wall.
The storm came ashore at the time of the high tide, which added to the surge of water being pushed ahead by the hurricane.
Now scientists' forays into this universe are being put to a different use-as art objects.
They're scary in that they have no business being so smart.
Being literal, for me, seems to be necessary to accomplish these things.
Even if the jeans are washed, they'll still be repopulated by being in such close proximity to the wearer's skin.
Salmon farming has received its share of criticism for being detrimental to the environment.
Also it could bring in money to help the space programs, that are being cut back.
It's not unusual for writers to feel that being in an altered state of some kind helps them as writers.
What has me bothered is the lack of distinction being made between art and objects of consumption.
It travels in used tires, which are usually stored outdoors before being shipped around the world.
They are also linked in both being the sort of events climate scientists predict more of in a warming world.
And in many ways he fulfilled that promise, despite being hampered by a weak economy and an often unco-operative city council.
Everywhere good businesses are going bankrupt and jobs are being destroyed.
In the market for jobs rather than votes the ceiling is being cracked every day.
The stuff that people used to watch or listen to largely because there was little else on is increasingly being ignored.
Being the company's main source of revenue, critics say, it is hardly a model of openness and transparency.
Being an engineer, however, he decided to do something about it.
Foreign companies are also being asked to introduce cleaner coal technologies.
Many people seem to have defined belief as being something you think as true without any supporting evidence.
Being allowed to comment this article gives me an illusion of control.
Many volunteers ended up with false positives-they named frog species whose calls weren't being played.
Fly ash being radioactive is bad, why you have to spoil reporting that fact with sensationalist and misleading article.
Those who exhibited negative expressions reported being in more pain than the other two groups.
When a viewer apprehends what is being communicated in a shot or a series of shots, they blink.
The givers rated themselves as being happier, on average, than the self-spenders.
Not all of these students are being taken care of by their parents.
We're being encouraged to post our papers and handouts to a publicly accessible conference website.
In my social science discipline, reading a talk would be an indication of being unprepared.
He hated the idea of being pinned down or pigeonholed.
The following are seven ways in which climate change affects you and your well-being.
There should be only one prize: for being the best candidate.
We are social in a more elemental way: simply to exist as a normal human being requires interaction with other people.
But over all it's pretty rare in comedy to see anyone addressing the form itself, or to be pretty brazen about being smart.
She seemed fractured and lost as an outsider in the movie business, after so many years of being deeply inside.
Being able to direct the spotlight of attention is a crucial talent.
Why getting more gadgets won't necessarily increase our well-being.
Information technology is reducing the need for certain jobs faster than new ones are being created.
After years of controversy, a therapy based on human embryonic stem cells is finally being tested in humans.
However, conventional materials and chemistries have stopped them from being used extensively in cars.
But humanity is a long way from being weaned from the petroleum, natural gas, and coal whose use causes much of this pollution.
Already, attempts are being made to incorporate the tubercle design into commercial products.
Engineered cardiac tissue needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to survive after being grafted onto the heart.
But these gatekeepers of the technology business are now being challenged themselves.
The device has been tested on individuals recovering from surgery and is currently being tested on athletes.
It is also versatile, capable of being used with a variety of active materials, he says.
The area of the screen that's being looked at becomes magnified.
The subject being tracked wears special markers that reflect light emitted by the cameras.
Philosophers interest themselves in ontological questions-questions about what kind of being something has.
They appear at a time when all the errors on which they throw light are being intensified.
Instead of correcting policy in the light of the record, the light itself is being shut down.
The authors of a book can explore issues deeply-without being limited by the ticking clock.
Therefore he is dismayed to find himself being overtaken by fits of unpredictable violence.
But for the time being, the world economy was growing strongly.
More goods being produced by the same number of workers is the definition of a productivity increase.
They've racked up hundreds of driving hours together, and she cannot recall his ever being this silent.
But every great type design can be second-guessed, because it is the work of an idiosyncratic and imperfect human being.
Butter, being neutral, easily absorbs flavors around it.
At the same time, be warned also that you can spoil a dish by being too lavish and upsetting the balance of the ingredients.
Now that you know why acid rain is a problem, you might be wondering what's being done to control it.
Ignoring the standards will result in your comment being removed.
We can voice our opinion and not have to fear being imprisoned.
In the mean time, the angle being used to sell the story is that this might have implications for alien life.
It's treacherous, of course, because there is certainly no right way to go about being a good graduate student.
Successfully deployed is far different from being a major source of power.
For decades, no one has thought of higher animals as being total genetic automatons.
Sean, the point about that era's scientists and poets being interested in each other's work is pretty common knowledge.
He found that for catarrhines, claims about evolutionary histories being rewritten are indeed overblown.
We're not talking a little vial in a laboratory being kept at this temperature.
Being overweight is one thing, but where your body fat is stored may make more of a difference to your health.
The popular sports drink is being sued for its name, which fails to mention its sugar content.
Entertainment isn't the only thing being advertised on digital signs.
They had gone from being abnormally poor to being abnormally rich, without pausing to experience normality.
Because it does encourage and embrace the underdog, as opposed to being cut down if you don't look a certain way.
But being a great writer doesn't necessarily mean you have an interesting life.
Being totally present and at peace in the moment-and knowing that my children and grandchildren are all right.
There's a joking element to his bleak description of his state of mind, but he's being serious as well.

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