beige in a sentence

Example sentences for beige

They have a pale belly and beige to reddish-brown coat that is short during summer and thicker and longer in winter.
Although there is a sedateness about the soothing beige color scheme that denotes a certain elegance.
Most of the snakes had handsome beige or brown markings.
Its low-slung beige brick, undulating for acre after acre.
The shelter fabric is a drab beige vinyl, and the sides of the tents roll up to let in a night breeze.
Foliage turns yellow in fall, gradually fades to beige.
Above you see an old, keyless computer keyboard, the kind of bland beige box to be found mouldering on any sidewalk.
He wears a beige running suit, high-top sneakers and no socks.
Aisles of beige boxes stretch as far as the eye can.
The picture is taken by equipment in a glossy beige box the size of a hotel minibar.
Air pockets are shown as blue, soft tissues as beige, blood vessels as red and bone as white.
It's a sprawling beige one-story building, surrounded by a huge tended lawn.
One used a medicine dropper to add lavender into the beige liquid, while another stirred the drops in.
He demonstrated a gravimeter: a beige-painted metal unit the size of a car battery.
Today, it contains a sea of beige cubicles that seem to stretch on forever.
The kitchen cabinets didn't close all the way, and the wooden floors were hidden by beige industrial tiles.
The muted beige interiors are well proportioned and calming.
Interior was redone in beige leather, as original, and the exterior is in its original red.
The train slowly crosses the pastel green and beige flatlands, rolling hills in the background.
The shower is filled to the ceiling with silk lampshades triple-lined in beige over ecru under salmon.
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