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Example sentences for behoove

It would behoove you to go to the doctor before your lungs get trifected.
It would behoove everyone to see the truth.
If you have to commute at all it would behoove you to be able to use mass transit to get where you're going.
It may behoove a few people to remember that news channels do not always air news.
Hence, it would behoove people to allow themselves to be entertained and not take the film too seriously.
So it would behoove scientific organizations to wring all the value they can out of their budgets.
And they said it may behoove him to demonstrate that he departs from his church's position on important issues.
Nor did it behoove a responsible official in a normal political and bureaucratic system to offer such opinions.
If so, it would certainly behoove you to start a program of diet and exercise to help you take off those extra pounds.
In the interest of avoiding confusion and improving clarity, it would behoove us to say so directly.
It would behoove the committee to consider legislation to protect the confidentiality of internal informants.
But retaining these nurses in the workplace is something that would behoove all of us.
It would behoove planners to involve the public early in the planning process.

Famous quotes containing the word behoove

Icebergs behoove the soul (both being self-made from elements least visible to see them so; fleshed, fair, ... more
It doesn't behoove elderly persons to follow fashion in their thinking nor in the way they dress.... more
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