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Example sentences for beholden

Universities are beholden to more than one consumer of their product.
Even local appointments were more beholden to weather and the temperament of one's horse than the accuracy of one's clock.
The whole point of campaign finance reform is that candidates aren't beholden to their donors if they get elected.
The prospect is that any new government, from either side, will be weak and beholden to fractious parties at the extremes.
But developers aren't necessarily beholden to one specific platform.
He was too much of an individualist and inborn skeptic to be beholden to any confining ideology for long.
She is beholden to the military and cannot risk giving it another grievance.
The right is beholden to his media power, which could be trained mercilessly on any prospective successor.
The newcomer, not beholden to any parochial interests, administered the necessary moves.
The parties remain largely inchoate, the legislators undisciplined and beholden to local rather than national interests.
By calling for closing the loophole, he's demonstrated that he isn't beholden.
It will not be beholden to tiny parties whose only concern is the self-preservation of their bosses.
No longer would the former general be beholden to venal political parties.
She is appointed by the president, and so beholden to him.
But the country's political future remains beholden to the army.
As a result, customers are beholden to suppliers, and innovations go under-exploited.
The first is that the university is beholden to nobody in its planning.
The highly illogical car market is not only unduly influenced by style, it is also beholden to the vagaries of snob appeal.
He believes himself beholden to no one, and he believes himself the leader of a revolution.
Meanwhile, the legislators are beholden to the casino interests and their lobbyists, who don't generally support racing.
Legislators are now so beholden to the pharmaceutical industry that it will be exceedingly difficult to break its lock on them.
But politicians are frequently beholden to vested interests and there are plenty of vested interests that prefer inaction.
So too are retailers and companies that run big outdoor events beholden to the weather.
What readers can find here is an independent, libertarian perspective beholden to no party, candidate or dogma.
It is therefore inevitably beholden to whomever pays.
Nothing as simple, or as beholden to others, as that.
But it now finds itself increasingly beholden to the finance ministry, which has tended to oppose a stronger yuan.
With no social safety net, you looked to others to care for you, and you wanted them to be somewhat beholden to you.
Please take the time to listen to scientists who are not beholden to any particular agenda.
The muckrakers charged senators with being financially beholden to the special interests.
Board members may be beholden to the executives they are expected to oversee.
Ratings would be developed by independent panels, not beholden to the networks.

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