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But courts should not be making law at the behest of big companies.
In health care, research is often performed at the behest of companies that have a large financial stake in the results.
However, they do so at the behest of the legislature and the executive.
The speculators are not nationalistic or doing it at the behest of the governments.
In state-controlled companies, senior managers are rotated at the behest of government.
Yesterday, at the behest of a car importer, a judge suspended the application of the tax as it reviewed its legality.
The gangsters are doing this at the behest of their boss.
It's pointless job killing regulation put in there at the behest os special interests.
Cities rose from the forest floor, boasting stone temples with stuccoed and painted facades created at the behest of elite rulers.
To your original question, the expiration is likely at the behest of regulators.
The flyer is not sent at the behest of the committees formed to support the measures.
In addition, donations may be made at the behest of elected officials for legislative, governmental or charitable purposes.
Members are appointed by their respective department heads and act at the behest of the department head.
Never ignore your lender at the behest of a loan modification firm.

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